Glass Gem Emerald

Glass Gem Emerald

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Why spend hundreds of dollars on Glass Dildos when you can own our high quality, hand blown pieces for a fraction of the cost. We are so confident you will love these dildos that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Try Spicy Glass today we are sure you are going to love them!

High Quality, Medical Grade Pyrex Glass. 100% Safe, Hypoallergenic & often recommended by doctors. All of our glass dildos are tempered for high durability and will last a lifetime. Colors won't fade or bleed & they're dishwasher safe!

Features a G-Spot Curve for added Pleasure

-   Completely Hypo-Allergenic/Germ Free
-   Dishwasher Safe
-   Will Last Forever
-   non-porous, chemical and odor resistant
-   can be sterilized between uses and partners

Final Sale - Not Eligible for Return

Glass Gem Emerald Reviews

5 star rating (4 reviews) write a review
Adam - Waynesboro, VA - 5 Stars

The is the absolute best! It is good for beginners as well as the more experienced. It is VERY easy to clean, like the description says! Something else is that if you have a hairy butt, like most males do, this will slide in without having to put 5lbs. worth of lube on...this is because it's made of glass. From now on, I will be using glass dildos...not plastic or gel.

Jason - Naples, FL - 5 Stars

My girlfriend loved this thing. I just pulled it out from under the bed one night and snuck it in her and surprised her. She is kind of shy and not a fan of sex toys. I might of changed her mind with this thing. It was really easy to work the gspot and its a perfect size to her not too big and not too small. She came hard after just a few minutes. I came home from golf early the other week and caught her on the bed toying herself with it. This is from a girl who says she never masturbates. I think she made a new best friend. I guess it beats the milkman.

Doug - Chicago, IL - 5 Stars

I agree with Adam - this is a great dildo to use for a first-timer like me. I have used it with lube as well as in the shower with only a bit of soap suds. It goes in easily and feels great! To lessen the need to clean it, I've sometimes sheathed it in a condom; and this also lessens or eliminates the need for additional lube. But whether sheathed or unsheathed, this is a great product!

Lisa - CA - 5 Stars

LOVE this dildo. I am allergic to synthetics, plastics, condoms, anything made of petroleum or chemicals and man made. - I also can't do vibrating devices; they are just irritating and no fun. This is so fantastic. Smooth, heavy, such a nice filled up feeling. It is both comforting and arousing. It becomes super warm with body heat. The curves are in the right places and there are many different fits and feels depending if the tip is up or down in side you. I use it very frequently and after cuming I actually fall asleep with it inside me! I use a toothpick to run through the grooves at the top while cleaning to be sure to remove any thing held in the crevices. THANK YOU for these great dildos!

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