Win A 20-Year Supply of Free Condoms in the Funniest Condom Confession Contest

Let’s face it, condoms can be pretty awkward at times. And we’ve likely all had a condom faux pas – in or out of the bedroom – at some point. Whether it's about buying, using or not having one at the right time, Condom Depot wants to hear your Funniest Condom Confessions. Share your story and you could be chosen to win a 20-year supply of Free Condoms.


Free Condoms – Enter to Win A 20 Year Supply!


Enter For A Chance to Win Free Condoms in the Funniest Condom Confessions Contest

So you and your partner are about to make it sizzle between the sheets. There’s just one problem. That lovely piece of latex you accidentally manhandled just made the heat of the moment cooler than a polar bear’s toenails. It’s okay, it happens to the best of us.

While condoms are essential for safe-sex practice (and we’re obviously huge advocates of *properly* using them), they can provide for some pretty embarrassing and/or funny moments. From the awkwardness of what to do with a used condom, to less-than-desirable latex allergies, or a condom that’s gone missing-in-action, most sexually active people have an interesting story to tell.

Ready to Share Your Tale of Rubber Trouble?

Condom Depot wants to hear it. We’re asking readers and customers to share their funniest condom-related stories – the good, the bad, or the humiliating – for our Funniest Condom Confessions Contest.

The best part: the selected winner will receive a 20-YEAR supply of FREE condoms and some lube. (yes, that’s right... like a lifetime supply of free condoms).

How To Enter

  1. Craft your confession. Show off your witt and writing creativity by telling us a detailed story of your funny, and/or or epic condom faux pas. There’s no-holds-barred in this Condom Confessions Contest. Whatever your story entails – we want to hear it!
  2. Submit your confession. Entries must include a short story, your name, age and valid email address to be considered; however, only first names will be used when a winner is announced. Only one confession will be accepted per email address. And please, folks...take a minute (or two) to ready the Terms & Conditions to ensure your entry is valid.

Contest Form

Funniest Condom Confessions Contest Prizes:

Overall Winner Prize:

  • A 20-year supply of free condoms, plus lube.
  • A feature in articles, social posts and forums of the Best of Condom Confessions
  • Bragging rights for the most epic condom story.

3 Runner-Up Prizes for Best #CondomConfessions Tweet:

  • No time to submit a story? Tweet your confession with hashtag #CondomConfessions
  • Funniest Tweet selected monthly until contest deadline.
  • Monthly Tweet Winner will receive 100 free condoms, plus lube.

Submission Deadlines

  • All contest entries must be submitted by March 1, 2019. Winner will be announced March 5, 2019.
  • Runner-up tweets will be selected monthly. Deadlines are November 30, 2018; December 31, 2018; and January 31, 2019. Monthly Tweet winners will be contacted shortly after deadlines.

How Winners Are Selected

  1. Overall Winner. All entries will be reviewed to ensure they adhere to the rules and regulations. A combination of voting by Condom Depot staff and a panel of guest judges will determine the Overall Winner.
  2. Runner-Ups for Best #CondomConfessions Tweets. Tweets will be reviewed monthly by the Condom Depot Staff. We love a good laugh around here, so if you can get a LMFAO reaction out of us, you’ll likely get hooked up with 100 free condoms. So give it your best shot, friends.

Terms and Conditions

For complete rules and eligibility requirements, click TERMS & CONDITIONS. By entering the Funniest Condoms Confession Contest (the "Contest"), you are accepting the Term and Conditions of the Contest, and certifying that you are over the age of 18.

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