Durex Tropical Flavor Condoms

Durex Tropical Flavor Condoms

By Durex Condoms

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When you want to feel the island breeze on your skin, the waves at your feet and feel like you’re on a tropical vacation with your partner, it’s time to put on a Durex Tropical flavored condom. These scrumptious tropical flavored and scented condoms are great for staying safer while going down, and they can make you and your partner feel like you’re on a vacation on a remote beachy paradise.  

Durex Tropical Condom Flavors
These Durex Tropical condoms are offered in assorted flavors Orange, Banana and Strawberry. Unfortunately, we cannot honor specific flavor requests; however, we will guarantee to offer up a variety of the best flavored condoms when you order.

Durex Tropical Flavor Condoms are just one of many flavored condoms offered for less right here at Condom Depot. Get even more creative and incorporate flavored lube too! These tropical condoms will make you want to grab a pina colada, a beach blanket, and your partner and head to your nearest beach! Remember, for even better savings spend $39 total for free shipping!

Durex Tropical Flavor Condoms Specs

Length 8.25” or 209.55mm
Width 2.12” or 34.29mm
Diameter 1.35" or 34.29mm
Circumference 2.12" or 53.98mm
Lubrication Water Based
Material Latex
Features Reservoir Tip, Assorted Colors, Assorted Flavors
Condom Specs
Durex Tropical Flavor Condoms

Durex Condoms

Durex Condoms - The world's #1 condom brand. Great reliability, sensitivity and fantastic design!

Durex Tropical Flavor Condoms Reviews

3.8 star rating (33 reviews) write a review
Bob - hicktown,tennessee - 4 Stars

they're pretty good,but a little bit tighter than your average condom.smells good for Durex because they usually smell pretty funky

Jason - Kanata, Ontario - 4 Stars

My g/f likes them, so I guess they taste good. For the receiver, they feel a bit thick...not bad, but definitely not as good as without one.

Cockmiester - Japan - 5 Stars


Phil - Greenfield, WI - 4 Stars

Great condom for oral sex.

Dave - Patchogue, New York - 4 Stars

Great condom for blow jobs and sex. Definitely recommend.

MS - - 5 Stars

great / no issues / received in 2 days and she likes the flavors

coverbird - - 5 Stars

I didn't think these were too thick. Even if they are too thick just do oral bare skinned until climax is close and then slap the condom on (works for us because we've only had one sex partner: each other). As far as flavor, well I asked my wife after how bad it was and she said: not bad at all. They smell great, at least.

Chris - - 4 Stars

GF likes it very much...which is great for me

Donald Tucker - - 1 Stars

Good price ******!!!!!!!!

MetroGlam - - 5 Stars

I have to say that with the unbelievable pricing and fast shipping, this merchant certainly knows how to execute and deliver. I look forward to ordering again. I appreciate the prompt and professional service

Anthony Hunt - - 5 Stars

alot for the money

John - Honolulu, HI - 3 Stars

Colors and scents are nice, but it feels pretty thick on me.

godsfilth - H - 2 Stars

My girlfriend like them for oral but they feel thick and a little tight also they take away the sensation quite a bit not good for sex unless your useing a lubricant as they are not (or seem not to be) Lubed

Jarvis - Atlanta,Georgia - 4 Stars

this is a good condom for oral sex . so get it thanks durex!!!!

Anthony - PA - 2 Stars

I agree with john. they do smell nice, but my girlfriend said they just tasted like plastic, and there wasn't much feeling at all. The strawberry one was pretty, but I ended up throwing the others away.

shawn - ontario - 4 Stars

great taste and smell but too tight if your thicker

zingy - phoenix arizona - 5 Stars

my favorite, from a hooker that goes thru a dozen a day. these are easy to open, even with slippery fingers. they smell good, are tastey, and if a guy eats afterwards, the pussy tastes sweeter than normal. if thrown on the ground afterwards they're easy to find and throw away. a little thick, but makes the guy last longer
great price in bulk.

John - Florida - 4 Stars

Too tight, other than that..not bad, colors make it a little more fun, not much latex taste according to her.

common folks - Arlington, TX. - 3 Stars

Wife likes the colors and smells, but tastes like cheap candy, except for the mint. They feel thick and very lttle sensation with oral. We keep them handy for quickies.

Chris - Mesa, AZ - 4 Stars

good smell fits tight on me but works good

Shimmy - New York, NY - 5 Stars

Great for oral & vaginal sex!

Dominique Thomas - College Station, TX - 5 Stars

Wow. That was awesome. I'm not sure if its an ultra rare tropical condom or what, because these reviews aren't reflecting the sensation! Dy-no-mite!

dan - new york. ny - 2 Stars

Lube was gooey, and the smell was weird.

Alycia - Monterey, CA - 3 Stars

It does the job a condom is supposed to do, but the taste was very plastic-y and I didn't like that.

john - perth, australia - 3 Stars

Lube is sticky. Girlfriend loves taste. A little tight though!

Benjamin - Texas - 4 Stars

I love this condom they small and taste good. They are good for both head and intercourse. I recommended trying these.

Benjamin - Texas - 4 Stars

Add some flare to your sexual experience! Colors & Scents come in orange, banana, strawberry, and mint scents and colors that match. Try these condoms to avoid the latex scent often associated with condoms. *Formerly packaged as Colors & Scents

Material: Latex

Lubricated: Yes

Spermicidal: No

Color: Red, Yellow, Orange, Green

Reservoir Tip : Yes

Rounded Tip: No

Width: 2.00 inches

Length: 7.5 inches

Anonymous - USA - 4 Stars

They are good condoms they smell and taste good a lot better then you're standard ones. The only negative thing I have to say is that they do not have enough lube on them.

Zach - DC - 3 Stars

I used one of these on acccident. Upon, putting it on, both me and my partner were shocked at the smell (and taste) of banana.

Hattori - Cleveland, Ohio - 4 Stars

I didn't think they were too thick. The wife and I are used to using Trojans, so these feel pretty thin in comparison.

I tried one just to see what they tasted like for my wife. It's a little weird eating lube. But from what my wife says, it tastes a heck of a lot better than my penis lol.

L.D. - ozark Mo. - 4 Stars

I loved it. The condom felt great but my lady friend said that the banana condom tasted like a slimy banana and soon we will try the strawberry one and I will let you know what she thought.

ali - us - 4 Stars

Lots of lube which is good for sex but bad for oral.

Tena - South Carolina - 4 Stars

BANANA is good. Wanna try other flavors. Works good if ur man wants a BJ and u don't like to swallow.

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