Durex Real Feel

Durex Real Feel

4.5 star rating (12 reviews) write a review

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, there is a global shortage of Durex condoms. Unfortunately, there is no timeframe of when Durex products will be restocked. Please consider a similar product that is available, such as Lifestyles Non-Latex Condoms »

These non latex condoms are made from polyisoprene and not latex. They are ideal for those with latex allergies and for those looking for a skin on skin feeling. Durex Real Feel used to be known as Durex Avanti.

Natural Skin-On-Skin Feeling
- Durex is largely considered the world's No.1 Condom Brand*
- 100% Electronically Tested
- Durex Easy On condoms are specifically shaped to be easy to put on and comfortable to wear
- The special way Durex makes their condoms mean they smell pleasant
- Over 80 years of quality experience

Durex RealFeel non-latex condoms are engineered to provide a natural skin on skin feeling. Made from a technically advanced material for the next generation of condoms. Durex condoms don't just meet worldwide quality standards, they exceed them. That's why millions of people across the world trust Durex every day. Each condom is electronically tested for reliability. Made from a technically advanced non-latex material. Transparent, lubricated and with Reservoir Top.

Nominal Width: 56mm. (2.20")

If used properly, Durex synthetic polyisoprene condoms will help reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancies and catching or spreading HIV infection (AIDS) and many other sexually transmitted diseases. No method of contraception can provide 100% protection against pregnancy or HIV (AIDS) and STDs. Non-vaginal use of condoms can increase the potential of them slipping or being damaged, please consult your physician for advice. During intimate contact, lesions and various body fluids can transmit STDs. Therefore, use a new condom before any such contact occurs.

- Made in Thailand

Store in a cool, dry place (below 100°F) and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Avoid excess heat.

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CondomDepot.com is a premier supplier of non-latex condoms including lambskin condoms. Durex is a very popular brand of condom, but are also known for their Durex Play Assorted Temptations Lube.
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Durex Condoms

Durex Condoms - The world's #1 condom brand. Great reliability, sensitivity and fantastic design!

Durex Real Feel Reviews

4.5 star rating (12 reviews) write a review
Anna Kelsington - New York City, New York - 4 Stars

These condoms are great, they're thin and you barely feel them. The lack of the latex smell feels great, but you have to add lube because they break easily.

Rachel - Michigan - 4 Stars

These aren't our go-to brand, but we picked some up on a whim one day and were pleasantly surprised. They are sturdy but still let you feel everything.

B - Albuquerque NM - 5 Stars

Theas are the best condoms we've ever used! Fitment is perfect and they're perfectly thin to where you can feel the heat. They also dont stink and have that latex feel after a few minutes

WMac - Louisiana - 5 Stars

Just got a box of these to try and I will definitely be ordering more! They are thin and more sensitive than Durex Extra Sensitive. But what I really like is how easy it is to put on, and it's not too tight like the Crowns, but no worries of it coming off.

WMac - North, LA - 5 Stars

This is the best condom I've used so far. Very good sensitivity, easy to put on, and not too tight like the Crowns.
I have placed several orders for these.

Jasmine - Atlanta, GA - 4 Stars

Using this condom was a sexual enhancer. At first I thought the condom would be like all the rest latex and non latex but the feel of this brand is like no other. It's smooth, thinner, and fits more snug so there no excess friction from the condom. I feel more body heat from my lover when he wears this brand. Definitely our go to condoms.

Tiffers - NY - 4 Stars

Have been trying different non-latex options with my lovers
Thicker feel, not as much sensation for him especially. Gives no head definition and breaks far more easily than other brands. Good for gentler sex with a guy who has a hair trigger

Joseph - - 4 Stars

Good feel, good condom, comfortable, she approved of it!

Brian - - 5 Stars

The latex condoms were causing my wife irritation. These solve that problem but feel a little thicker.

Ricardo Colon-Santos - - 5 Stars

Great product for its value and a service from Condom Depot that keeps me coming back. A+

Sean Vanover - - 4 Stars

These are great. She enjoys them and the feel is amazing.

Ricardo Colon-Santos - - 5 Stars

Awesome and my lady likes it better than latex condoms. My new favorite.

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