Durex Play

Durex Play: Personal Lubricants

Durex Play and Condom Depot has something for everyone from the wild to the wish-they-were-wild crowd. Durex Play personal lubricants are designed to help with vaginal dryness while increasing pleasure and safety. Prolong you and your partner's pleasure with Durex Play from warming to tingling and everything in between. Try Durex Play Temptations and add new sensations and adventures to your sex life.

Durex Play comes from the same trusted brand that makes Durex condoms. For those adventurous couples that are loyal to the Durex brand, that means that you can keep practicing safe sex with an added twist with the Durex Play line of products.

Durex Play: More than Just Lube, Toys Too!

In addition to Durex Play lubricants, there are a number of exciting toys offered by Durex under the Durex Play product line. Be sure to check out great products like the Durex Play Delight, Durex Play Vibrations Variety Pack, Durex Play Ring of Bliss, and our latest staff pick, the Durex Play Allure Massager.
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