Durex Play Vibrations

The Durex Play Vibrations Variety pack has everything you need to fulfill your most intimate desires. What a convenient and all-inclusive way to stay safer all while experimenting with new and exciting condom and Durex’s famous vibrating ring.

So, go ahead and really take charge of your sexual adventures by trying out this super sexy assortment with your partner!

The Play Vibrations Variety Pack includes:
1 Powerful vibrating ring

Condom Depot is your trusted source for vibrating rings online! The Durex Play Vibrations ring is one of our most popular vibrating rings. With an included condom so you can practice safe sex with increased pleasure. Remember, just because you're using a vibrating ring, doesn't mean that you're practicing safe sex if you're not using a condom. Also be sure to check out the Original Vibrating Johnny.
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Durex Play Vibrations Specs

Unstretched Diameter 1.25"
Unstretched Circumference 3.93"
Stretched Diameter 1.75"
Stretched Circumference 5.5"

Durex Condoms

Durex Condoms - The world's #1 condom brand. Great reliability, sensitivity and fantastic design!

Durex Play Vibrations Reviews

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