Durex Play Vibrations Ring + Condom

By Durex Condoms

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The Durex Play Vibrations Variety pack has everything you need to fulfill your most intimate desires. With a convenient, all-inclusive way to stay safe and have fun. Includes one latex condom and Durex’s famous vibrating ring.

Durex Play Vibrations Ring + Condom Pack:
- Includes 1 vibrating ring and 1 lubricated latex condom.
- Convenient and travel-friendly.
- Vibrating ring features comfortable silicone material
- Long-lasting battery.

Durex Play Vibrations Ring + Condom Specs

Unstretched Diameter 1.25"
Unstretched Circumference 3.93"
Stretched Diameter 1.75"
Stretched Circumference 5.5"

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Durex Play Vibrations Ring + Condom Reviews

4.3 star rating (4 reviews) write a review
Dave - Morristown,NJ - 4 Stars

this product has taken my shower JO sessions to an intense new level. I only wish the ring material was wider and more stretchy. Also, a pulse vibration mode would make be great.

Matt - Chicago, Illinois - 5 Stars

This little thing is excellent. Made my girlfriend go crazy, and for me it made using the included condom not a problem at all! If your curious like i was, just try it!

Maria - Bridgeport, CT - 3 Stars

Felt great except for when we were going at it hard. The vibrations tended to get lost then. Also, the battery part hurt me a little bit when I was on top and we were going at it hard. Not my favorite, but worth a try if you're curious I suppose.

Bert - San Bernardino, California - 5 Stars

This thing was beyond amazing. My girl could not get enough of it. She liked it so much that we ended up using it over and over until the battery died.

If you want to treat your girlfriend to an experience she has never felt before throw this in every once in a while! Just don't let her get used to it.

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