Durex Performax Condoms

Durex Performax Condoms

By Durex Condoms

Product Has Been Discontinued
Durex Performax condoms allow you to perform to your maximum potential! This is a must have condom for those who are concerned with their partners level of sexual satisfaction.

This lubricated latex condom is heat activated for climax control purposes. Unlike the Trojan Extended Pleasure, the Durex Performax only contains 5% Benzocaine on the inside of the condom, so as not to decrease your partners enjoyment.

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Durex Performax Condoms Specs

Length 8.12” or 206.24mm
Width 1.87” or 47.63mm
Diameter 1.91” or 48.51mm
Circumference 3.74" or 95mm
Lubrication Water Based
Material Latex
Special Features Reservoir tip, Ribs, Studs, Climax Control
Condom Specs
Durex Performax Condoms

Durex Condoms

Durex Condoms - The world's #1 condom brand. Great reliability, sensitivity and fantastic design!

Durex Performax Condoms Reviews

3.3 star rating (107 reviews) write a review
Joel - Ky - 3 Stars

Good if you want to make an impression by lasting a little longer, not so could if you want to actually feel pleasure for your self. And also not so good if you plan to go at it more than once in the day, as it is much harder to become aroused.

Ryan - Poughkeepsie, NY - 1 Stars

I have never had an erection problem in my entire life (with or without a condom) until I recently used Durex Performax. On two separate occasions with two separate girls everything was fine until I put on this condom, then I went limp and stayed limp, no matter what we did. Extremely frustrating, I will never use Performax again.

HIL - BOSTON - 2 Stars

wasn't the best condom, fiance couldn't feel penis, that's why they last so long because they have extra cushions around the penis. then he couldn't climax because he couldn't feel anything, it felt really nice for me though

Stan V. - Lynwood, Ca - 5 Stars

Better than Trojan!!!

Doesn't leave an odor while rolling it on.

The best condom if you want to impress!!!

Kasper G. - Antwerpen, Belgium - 5 Stars

Normal condoms are too thick, so i started to use Featherlight which will let you feel much more. For me it was too sensitive, so I started to use Performa. This condom is great! It's almost as thin as the Featherlight, but after a while you'll notice that you can enjoy your night a lot longer without those annoying interruptions.

Agent86 - RC, SD - 2 Stars

I usually use the Trojan extended pleasure ones but picked these up because it doesn’t desensitize the partner. I've used these once and the lubricant inside the condom is kind of like clay. I'm assuming it’s supposed to become liquid from the body heat, but that never happened with me. Because the lubricant was clay like it never actually worked. Great idea though, wish they would fix it so the lubricants wasn’t so clay like.

Z - Austin - 2 Stars

I had to switch this one for another and it still was soo numb i was like wtf!! Didnt know it was one of the xtended pleasure ones... Bad unless u have issues in the stamina department.

Kassandra - Hialeah,Fl - 5 Stars

I loved these! Truly amazing! My partner was able to fulfill my needs and his, it felt awesome! I would really recommend it to anyone who lacks endurance in bed ;)

works like magic!

Jason - Kanata, Ontario - 2 Stars

Got these in a combo pack... I don't have a premature ejaculation problem, and I didn't really notice they made me last longer - just took away the sensations. Wouldn't get these again.

Lance - NY - 2 Stars

I've tried 3 of these so far, and I'm pretty disappointed. I saw no noticeable change in performance or stamina. It was just like any other condom.

Someguy - Somewhere - 1 Stars

I dont know what's the point of selling these if they do nothing for me, i came in my usual time the first try,then 10 minutes later after i tried the extra-safe ones, the numbing started to work :/.. so yeah they work, after you cum :/.... (i lasted 2 hours with the extra safe condom ;D)

Andy - Iowa - 5 Stars

This Condom is the best thing I have ever tried in my life... I can fuck any girl and Won't come as fast and can last FOREVER!!! this is amazing!! A+
Don't wait and get it NOW!! She'll love you...

Anonymous - Ohio - 2 Stars

Didn't make sex any longer and could hardly feel him. But on the plus side, it didn't break.

Bad - UK - 1 Stars

Wasn't really sure where i got this condom so looked around to see which one it was. Basically avoid if you don't have PE problems made me go limp and couldn't feel anything not great very embarrassing however very relieved as i have just found out the condom was a desensitizing one and it wasn't me haha

Bobby - Maine - 3 Stars

Not the best.

Veliz - Fresno, CA - 1 Stars

My partner had one on and he got numb in about 4 minutes, eventually he went limp and we could no longer have intercourse. He stayed numb and limp for about 2-3 hours. Personally I don't think that's supposed to happen.

Tyler Sheehy - Beavercreek, Ohio - 4 Stars

These condoms are great if you want to last a long time...a really, really, REALLY LONGG TIME!!! It usually takes be about 30sec-1min to cum with a normal condom. The first one of these Performax Condoms i tried, I put it on without allowing it any time for the lube to work...i lasted about 5 minutes. The second one I put on, I waited about 4-5 minutes for the lube to take effect, Then I put it in and away I went. My girlfriend had 8 orgasms and I never came. 10 minutes rolls around and I'm still goin, 20 minutes and nothing, then 30 and i goin strong, 40 and I'm exhausted. 50 minutes and I stop...I didnt cum, i was just WAYYY too tired to keep going. These didnt make me numb or anything...I could feel everything but I couldn't cum.

MORAL OF THE STORY: The first time you use these, put it on and wait for 30sec or less and then put it in, it will give you a base model to start from, if you want to last longer....just leave it on longer before putting it in....

Graham - Toledo, Ohio - 2 Stars

I have a premature ejaculation problem (less than 1 minute), but these didn't make any difference :/.

AK - Akron, OH - 5 Stars

These worked great for my fiance and I. He lasted a lot longer and made it better for us both.

Bobcat - Boston, MA - 1 Stars

Do NOT use this unless you have extremely severe premature ejaculation problems. I used it for my FIRST time (got a 12 pack) and for the next several attempts, went limp as soon as i put it on. She was okay with it, but I was disappointed and even started questioning my sexuality. Then she got crazy-wonderful, and let me try a bit bareback (her on top) and it was amazing. I did not last as long as I wished to, but hey, at least I knew I didn't have a medical issue. They should have a warning outside the condoms for the uninitiated. It's seriously bad. I mean, it would have destroyed my sexlife and made me scared forever, had my girlfriend not been so kind and understanding. It's things like these that turn people away from condoms!

Ty - Az - 2 Stars

This was first condom if ever used and after years of not using one with the same girl. So when it came time to use one I bought this and it was a major letdown. I actually couldn't maintain being hard with this on and it killed the mood to say the least. Unless you're having problems not lasting long, shy away from this kind.

Kay - Napa, CA - 1 Stars

Lost my virginity with these condoms ... my boyfriend kept losing his erection, and the lube is definitely not enough. He bought them in a hurry so I do not think he was paying attention to the "climax control" part of it but still ... I will be searching for some other type now.

Katie - New York, NY - 1 Stars

Awful. Sucks that I chose to lose my virginity with my boyfriend using these condoms. Slips off and COMPLETELY numbs my boyfriend so he loses his erection really quickly. They kept slipping off but at least none of them broke. Went through 6 of them in one session before we gave up and had to stop.

DB - NYC, NY - 5 Stars

This shit works.

AC - Central, SC - 2 Stars

Do NOT use this condom if you do not have pre-mature ejaculation. It numbed me so much that I couldn't tell whether I was in or out, and eventually just went limp.

Mark - Boston, MA - 1 Stars

Never had erection problems but uppon using this product I lost. Other condoms without benzocaine did work.

arman T - south wales, uk - 5 Stars

The misses loved it, i however found the lack of feeling weird. im not talking about thick condom feeling but the feeling you get when the dentist injects you in your mouth and you cant feel anything. Personal best with one of these on is 1hour 43 minutes. if you want to impress a girl go for these.

PM - Honolulu - 3 Stars

It works, alright. I've used it four times, and the first time using it, I couldn't climax after an hour, even when trying to come. However, I don't think I'll use them again; makes me too numb, and at times limp, which is just straight embarrassing. These are good only if you have a serious premature ejaculation problem.

John - Baltimore - 5 Stars

These are awesome, the only complaint I have is that now the women are complaining I take too long! *grin*

Renee - Chicago - 3 Stars

Not a whole lot of luck with these. I don't expect miracles..It lasted maybe an additional 2 minutes. :/

DV - Ohio - 5 Stars

I second that. GREAT Condom!

J - Colorado - 5 Stars

Best product I've ever found. Used to only be able to last about 15 minutes (she needs longer), but with these babies, I went well past 45 minutes, she was satisfied more than once, and the result was explosive when I actually got there. Was also able to maintain full erection the whole time (unlike with the Trojan product). Add this in conjuction with a stimulating lube for her and you'll turn sometimes orgasmic into multi orgasmic - believe me, she WILL thank you for it.

Tony - Springfield, MO - 5 Stars

I tried the Trojan equal and it left me completely numb. With the Performax I still had some sensitivity and it gave me the extra 5 minutes to help my partner peak.....twice!

Ryan - Texas - 1 Stars

These suck. I could not climax at all after an hour and a half!

DT - Austin, TX - 4 Stars

These are good. You can last longer...she doesn't have to know why!

Sergio Alvarez - San Jose, CA - 5 Stars

The best condom hands down! You can last as long as you want.

R W - Miami, FL - 4 Stars

This worked a little too well...my partner loved it but I had to really focus to maintain my erection. It took twice as long as normal between round 1 and 2 because you have to wait for the numbing to go away.

J - Nowere - 5 Stars

This is a great product . If you have a women that takes a long time this is great.

Mary Sue - Cherry Hill, NJ - 1 Stars

This thing is terrible!! It ruined our night completely. The only people who will find this useful are those who have premature ejaculation problems. We went on for an hour and my boyfriend still couldn't come. After a while everything just hurt and we just gave up!! Even after taking it off and using other condoms, he couldn't even feel his penis anymore! This stuff sucks DO NOT BUY!

Mia - New York - 5 Stars

Awesome, got him to last much longer than normal, he didn't get numb at all, just went for a very long time, made us both very happy.

Josh S. - Cincinnati, OH - 4 Stars

To last lonoger... yeah. Incredible control. It desensitizes you a good amount, which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it.

Rafi - NY - 5 Stars

This is the best thing that i ever had in my sex life....... get this one its amazing!

namehere - locationhere - 5 Stars

From less than 2 minutes to 30-40 minutes..
Thank you Durex.

Nesto - CAMDEN< NJ - 5 Stars

That shit was the best!!!!!! The condom was very strong and me and my girl went at it for about 20 min. She had multi orgasm and it was the best fuck its a must try!!!!!

david - tacoma, wa - 2 Stars

lack of sensation was too weird. eventually just went limp, but might be good if you have premature ejaculation issues.

Sam - Baltimore, MD - 3 Stars

It Didn't really have that much lubricant, but she said that she liked it. So I give it a 3.

TX - Mississauga, Ontario - 5 Stars

This Condom does its job, may not be very good with those who ejaculate late usually, its only good for those for young ones who have problems with premature ejaculation which usually ruins the sex. It would be real good for someone who wants to prolongs his sexual performance to give maximum time to his partner :) you know if you want it.. go for it.!

Y.J. - Atlanta, GA - 1 Stars

Worst condom ever. I couldn't feel anything. I never had erection problem until I use this condom, I was numb for almost 2 hours

anonymous guy - somewhere,upnorth - 5 Stars

seriously, this is a life changer !!! and NO it did not totally numb my penis and remove all feeling. i could still feel it very well, and by the time we were done the numbness was gone.
this is the first time i last that long, from less than 2 minutes to about ~50 min that was only the first time. i cant wait till tonite.

I think its clear who needs to buy these condoms, and i can assure you they work ! and they will change ur partner's reaction from " it's okay ! " to OOOMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

your choice. i made mine :D

Nikolas - Hollyweird - 5 Stars

Aoooow bombiest condom Eeeeever. Benzocaine was originally used as a fish tranquilizer... serves my member quite well; now I last longer!

Mike - Auckland, NZ - 2 Stars

I rated this a 2 because although its a decent condom, it doesn't work at all for me. Put one on, waited about 5 min, and then went at it and came in my usual 2 min. So i thought I'd experiment, opened two packets and scooped the cream out of the condoms and rubbed them straight on my 'tool', waited 10min, still nothing, no numbing, no loss of sensation. Disappointing. I bought a 30 pack and have used about 15 so far and none have worked. Just wondering, is there any difference in Performax and Performa, and does it matter where the condoms were made (mine say made in India on the back of the packets, expire 2010)?

rico - toronto,on - 1 Stars

This is the worst I've tried, first it numbs you so you so much you get limp then it broke on me in the middle of sex,,, do not buy!

Aimee - Wisconsin - 3 Stars

i ended up buying a box of the Trojan equivalent to these and sure they made my boyfriend last a little longer---until he went soft altogether because of the benzocaine! the Trojan's only have 4% benzocaine while these Durex have 7% so i definitely wouldn't want to try these!

E - none - 5 Stars

Yes, actually I was amazed to see it works!

Unbelievable what they invent nowadays.

Be sure I won't use anything else from now on.

Robert - Hartford - 4 Stars

It definately works but desensatized me alot but I could still feel alot and it also weakened the climax feeling but she was definately not complaining.

NA - Florida - 3 Stars

i thought the condom was thin and sensitive which countered the effects of the benzocaine

Joey - nj - 5 Stars

wow these work so well really are strong too. Fit larger penises very well too. I would so recommend these to anyone. They really help with really long intense orgasms.

Dave - isle of Man - 5 Stars

Definitely the best , wife thinks I am a new man !!

go like a train now but was pretty poor if the truth be known before , these give you confidence like no other.

John - US - 2 Stars

Condoms were great the first time. The next 2 times it numbed both of us. It was terrible.

I never went limp when I had sex before. And with these, I DID. It was hard keeping it up.

G2 - Miami, FL - 5 Stars

Works pretty well. I noticed some people had problems with going becoming too numb and that might be the reason if you are not as sensitive as some other guys. Its good to use if you really in the mood and cant control yourself but don't use it for quickies cause you will last too long. Over Good but it depends on the person!

CT - Md - 2 Stars

Not the greatest one i've used cause they worked at first the benzocaine didn't have much effect for me just tingled at first when i put it on... Then about the third time i used it i put it on and it turned me off not a very good condom also fits weird

Dashka - Albany, New York - 5 Stars

Man these are the best ones i ever got on my tool ! I not only outlasted my earlier best record of 45 minutes, all the way to 1 hour 30 minutes, but also managed to give a fantastic 5 orgasms to my gal ! she thinks I am the best man !! if you want to experience the best sexual experience you have had, put this on and you are all set - makes you numb a bit but its worth - particularly when you see her going weak on her knees and asking for more !! I am all ready to order 100 of these !!

Conner - Chicago - 4 Stars

Not Bad! You have to will yourself to ejaculate, but hey if your using these I'm assuming thats what your going to want. A little numb afterward, but still great.

J - CA - 5 Stars

Works great let me able to go for about 2 and a half hours no problem. i give it an A+.

SL - Boston, MA - 4 Stars

For best results I would suggest you massage the numbing gel onto your penis head before you take to sex, give the numbing agent a minute to start working, then go to work, this is a great condom if you have trouble lasting, if not then you might not enjoy

Chris - New Jersey - 5 Stars

Great condom, went from 20 minutes to an hour and fifteen!

Really works, no joke.

Andy G. - Tipp City, OH - 5 Stars

Before this product I couldn't last for shit. I also had trouble getting it up and keeping it. So, I got these condoms and an over the counter ED alternative (better than Viagra/Cialis). Now I get harder than a rock, and can last as long as I want actually.

So, I can see how the condom would make you go limp, but if you take the 2 pills I do, that is not even a possibility. On my pills, and with this rubber, I went from minute man who had trouble staying hard, to Lance Armstrong.

AH - Morehead, KY - 5 Stars

My husband usually has trouble lasting very long, and these really did the trick for him! The best thing about them is they didn't desensitize me, just him!

Mike - England - 1 Stars

Awful product for me, and won't be using this again...may work for you though.

It made me so numb that I couldn't feel myself in there, felt like she was literally huge like a bucket...and I kept going limp and couldn't climax with these on either.

The numbness stayed with me for a few days and it was a horrible feeling on my member. Even trying to pee was painful.

Never again.

JB - NY - 2 Stars

i guess it does work, but a little too much, it made me get soft in about 2 seconds, but when i took it off i couldn't even ejaculate. T_T didn't like it

Daddy - Miami, FL - 2 Stars

I gave this thing a try because I'm really sensitive and all I felt was a slight burning sensation, it really didn't do anything for me.

Mike - Wichita, Ks - 2 Stars

I tried this for the first time to see if I could last longer and it didn't do anything. It just burned and when I took it off, it felt like my dick was on fire. Not Cool.

Scott - Los Angeles - 5 Stars

First few times I still ejaculated around a minute. The trick is to wait 1-2 mins. and let the benzocaine take effect. Now I'm lasting 10-15 min. and thrusting for first time! These have been wonderful! Highly recommended for those w/ PE.

Jim T - Norfolk, VA - 3 Stars

Does what it promises to do. There are a few things to be aware of though. First, you will probably lose erection quality, I know I did. Second, be aware of slippage. I was losing my erection due to lack of feeling and the condom came off when switching positions. Luckily my girlfriend noticed. I couldn't even tell because of the numb feeling.

J - Missouri - 2 Stars

Not a big fan of these. First time using it, they weren't bad. I couldn't feel much. The second time, i just went limp. Shits embarrassing. I don't particularly recommend these unless you have severe premature ejaculation problems

speedy guy - california - 5 Stars

These are great! the key to these is not to pinch an inch, but like an inch and a half - 2 inches because the numbing agent is in the very tip, so in a way you can adjust how numb you get. i was 30sec-5min (5 min AT BEST) before, can go as long as we want with these. changed my life.

Joe English - Columbus OH - 4 Stars

A good fit and the desensitizing lubricant in the tip helps you slip and slide inside the condom. Not too numbing, they do slow you down to take a longer ride.

dylan - toronto - 5 Stars

Amazing condom, works wonders. Lasting well over an hour now!

I forgot - the Middle, of Nowhere - 4 Stars

This was a great condom, it had just the right amount of numbing for me. I went from having a hard time getting my lady to giving her multiple orgasms.

The only downfall is that you should wait to start, you want to give the condom at least 2 minutes to kick in.

Great for me!

Matt - San Jose, CA - 4 Stars

If you want to last longer these are what to use. I've used others that do the same thing, but they gave a burning sensation. These work great. Went from 30 min. with regular to about an hour or more with these.

Teresa - Wash DC - 5 Stars

Wonderful for him; he lasted much much longer.

JusT Me - Brooklyn - 4 Stars

These condoms work..... but who wants to have sex for like 1hr??? It's good if your trying to impress some one. But not good if you just wanna have 5 minutes of sex. I had to take it off and use a different condom after 20 minutes.

A Happy Customer - Canada - 5 Stars

A Godsent. Wow.

Chelsea - Costa Mesa, California - 3 Stars

They work as contraceptives perfectly fine, but didn't stop my boyfriend from climaxing a minute in. Again.

Qick Draw - Loony Tunes, NY - 4 Stars

These condoms are great. They doubled my hang time from 30 seconds to a minute. The desensitizing did not seem to do much although they were comfortable and felt good.

Scott - Tampa, Florida - 1 Stars

I don't have a problem with premature ejaculation, but I wanted to see if it actually did make me last longer. I'll give you that, it does make you last longer, but that's only because you can't feel anything. I lost my erection in the end because I went so numb.

JT - Georgia - 2 Stars

I must have gotten a bad batch. The stuff that was on the inside (his side) was a solid. It didn't really have any kind of effect either. I am willing to try again, but first batch was no good.

Mike Blackwood - Reno, NV - 1 Stars

The worst condom I could've purchased. It does what it sets out to do and that is delay things. But it went way beyond delaying....I couldn't even feel anything pleasurable. Not good for either my gf or I.

Stephen - Pembroke Pines, FL - 5 Stars

I've had trouble lasting long enough to give my partner an orgasm although I have been able to a few times. The Trojan Climax Control condoms have worked on and off, but many times they numb to the point where I can't stay hard. However, the first time I used the Durex Performax, I had the best experience of my life with my partner. I wasn't numbed too much and was able to last as long as I wanted while giving my partner the best sexual experience since we've been together for a year.

Tneddow - Calgary Alberta - 5 Stars

They numb you just enough so you lose quite a bit of sensitivity but not enough to make you go soft well at least for me. I used to last 2 minutes with other condoms and with these I went for almost 45 minutes, I had to take a break at 25.

paul - NY - 4 Stars

Just tried these last night, I'm a normal dude who can go 20 mins or so if things aren't too fast. With the performax I easily doubled that. In fact i outlasted my girlfriend. These do tend to only make the head of your dick desensitized, so the shaft still has feeling. This makes it still very enjoyable, even more so when you know your girl is gonna enjoy it too!

R - Portland - 1 Stars

I received a few of these in a sampler pack and I hate them. If you don't have issues with premature ejaculation, do NOT use these. They numb you a little. What's the point of having sex if you can't feel it? Even worse, you won't get any oral sex after wearing one of these because you'll taste awful. My GF hated the taste, thus, no post-sex oral for me that night. I'm glad I tried them because I now know NOT to buy them.

Dusty - Michigan - 3 Stars

These condoms are pretty decent. They worked for a few hours at least.

Jessica - Texas - 2 Stars

He did last a long long time but they were not lubricated much if at all. Made me sorta raw. Other than that loved how long he lasted

Atlanta - ga - 4 Stars

Worked exactly as described, one of the best!

Jeff - Michigan, MI - 3 Stars

Sad thing is I didn't know what benzocaine did until I tried it. I went limp, and it basically ruined the moment. lol.

paul - west london - 1 Stars

This has worked for me I can go for 1 hour with this, my partner is so happy now! 100% it will work for you guys.

somedude - il - 3 Stars

Used to be a little quick on the draw but this thing made it over an hour. The second time i used it, it was really numb, but that might have also been because i was drunk too. That combo put it over 1.5hr.
Gave it a 3 because I lasted so long i actually got tired. if you're looking to last like an hour, 5/5.

Dan - Portland - 1 Stars

Do not use unless you have a severe case of premature ejaculation. I've never had a problem keeping an erection with any other condom. This thing numbed me so bad, my erection disappeared. No sex, very unhappy!

ben - utah - 1 Stars

Wasn't a huge help.

Anon - CT - 1 Stars

Terrible. They made my partner so numb and it didn't feel good for me.

BROCK - CT - 4 Stars

Great for the first one of the day. Could use some texture.

Q - Wi - 3 Stars

Not bad so far. I have used three so far & have noticed an improvement. Like some have suggested. Rubbing on the gel and letting it take effect proves helpful. My wife finished. I'm happy.

Jeff - Michigan - 1 Stars

Hated it! I found that after nearly 20 minutes I was completely numb, had gone limp, and was even beginning to get bored. Won't ever use this condom again.

John - Dublin, Ireland - 1 Stars

Terrible, went completely numb after putting it on, then went limp and couldn't get it back. Never use them.

Eric - Portland, OR - 5 Stars

I sadly on average can only last a good 2-3 minutes. I tried the Trojan climax controlling condoms before and it completely numbed my penis to the point where I couldn't even feel anything at all.

I gave these a try and will say they're great if you have a lasting problem. I went from 2-3 minutes to 30-40 minutes. The best part is that I still felt everything.

Highly recommend if you have a premature ejaculation problem, in no way recommend if you don't though.

Seth - Houston, TX - 5 Stars

These condoms are AMAZING! I can go as long as I want and hold of the "finale" until I'm ready. Highly Recommended!!!

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