Durex Avanti Bare Latex Condoms

Durex Avanti Bare Latex Condoms

By Durex Condoms

Product Has Been Discontinued
Durex Avanti Bare Latex condoms are revolutionary because they are 20% thinner than standard Durex condoms, yet they are just as strong and durable as their thicker condoms.

The Avanti Bare delivers a next-to-nothing feel, has a reservoir tip, is made from latex and has a pleasant scent.

Durex Avanti Bare Latex Condoms Reviews

3.2 star rating (50 reviews) write a review
Ben - Austin TX - 2 Stars

These condoms are good for one thing water balloons. I hated the lack of feeling they are way too thick and destroy all sensation. I do not recommend these.

Jack S - Chicago - 2 Stars

Eh, these are overrated. Definitely not even close to a "next to nothing" feeling. Durex Extra Sensitive is still the best in my book, and feels the closest to riding bareback.

jay - South Ambo, New Jersey - 5 Stars

Me and my wife found these by accident, but boy am I glad we did these are the best condoms I've used really feels like there is nothing on!

Bob - Madison, WI - 5 Stars

These should be the new standard in condoms. They took the greatest features from every condom, and put it all into one. Everyone can use them including people with latex allergies. They definitely don't feel like they will ever break. Hands down the best condom.

E.C. - A Small Town, Arkansas - 4 Stars

These are my new condom of choice. My boyfriend and I had been reasonably satisfied with Durex Extra Sensitive before, but we recently picked up a pack of these on a whim. I think they feel more natural and less rubbery/plasticky. He doesn't notice a difference in sensation one way or the other, but he does like increasing my pleasure so we'll stick with these in the future.

Marianne - New York, New York - 5 Stars

My boyfriend and I switched from Trojan Lubricated to these; I had an orgasm that night. These condoms are beyond incredible, they are divine.

Liz - Mooresville, NC - 5 Stars

My husband and I had always used Durex Love condoms and when these came out decided to give them a try... Wow! These are great! I never thought I had an issue with latex, but these are so much better feeling than any latex condom we have ever used. These have a much more natural feel and work great with many different lubes. Would definately recommend these for anyone to try!

Hubby&Wife - Michigan - 5 Stars

We used to use crown skinless skin, but wanted to try something new. The Avanti Bare is amazing. It's the closest thing next to bare skin. My husband and I really like it

Bob - Winston Salem, NC - 5 Stars

I've tried about 3 non-latex condoms before this. These are undoubtedly the best condoms I have ever used even compared to latex condoms. The fit just and give just enough stretch so that it doesn't feel like your penis is being suffocated. Your girl will love them too.

Rusty S - Mustang oklahoma - 2 Stars

They are OK. I prefer crown skinless skin or even Lifestyles Skyn condoms. They do not have a latex smell and thats nice. The lubrication isn't very liberal and the sensation is good but not great.

D - d - 3 Stars

I think these are alot better than the Skyn ones by Lifestyle. I feel they are so much better and you can feel more.

Some Guy - Pacific NW - 2 Stars

HURTS a bit if you're UNCIRCUMCISED. Seriously, when you're on the way out and the foreskin goes around the head, it feels like a plastic shopping bag where it crinkles, hard and plastic-like. A sort of burning pain. I could see these working out well for circumcised guys though. I also tried the Trojan Supras, which hurt even worse. Sticking with Crown.

Kim - Sarasota - 1 Stars

Awful. My boyfriend said that they felt constricting and awkward. It was so thick that it felt uncomfortable for me. Then it broke. Also they do to smell like rubber. Never using these again.

Steve - Boston - 1 Stars

I like most things about bare condoms. The one thing that's a deal breaker is the breakages. In the last few months I've had 6 break which is a serious deal breaker. I'm glad I'm in a happy monogamous relationship but rather not have to sweat out the next 3 weeks. If you are larger than average be warned these suckers break pretty easily.

Aimee - Canada - 1 Stars

Felt like sandpaper, even with liberal amounts of lube added. Thumbs down awful.

Adam - Ottawa - 5 Stars

These were bloody great! Partner pulled one out after we had screwed 15 mins before and i had finished, usually can't finish in a dome especially a second time but these literally do feel like being bare, plus you feel like a boss after for being safe. Two thumbs up! Best dome ive ever used so far.

Alaina - New York City - 1 Stars

At first liked them, then they started getting worse and worse, they smell really bad and had two breaks already. they suck never again. and they don't even contain spermicide

Eric - Stamford - 2 Stars

Please bring back the Durex Avanti made out of polyurethane ! The new polyisoprene version does not compare at all. Much thicker and tigher, no sensation.

Mark - San Francisco, CA - 1 Stars

As for sensation these condoms are pretty good, but as for actually working these things blow. I had one of these come completely off (not what I need with a new g/f) and two others started to shift and bunch up causing me to have to remove it completely and put a new one on. I am not small by any means so this was a mystery. They dry out pretty fast as well. I had some Trojan Ultra Thins handy and unfortunately for this particular condom, the Ultra Thins were far better. Slightly less sensitive feeling, but at least the damn things stayed on. Will not be buying again.

James - Bartow,FL - 2 Stars

They feel like having sex with a paramedic glove on! I cant even maintain a erection while having sex with these things. I went back to the Trojan Supra they transfer the heat WAY BETTER!

Josh - Charlotte, NC - 1 Stars

Bought a box at the store and loving it and thought the bulk package is the same size but IT'S NOT!..WAAAAY SMALLER. Guest I can make 24 water balloons like the other reviewer. LOL

E.C. - A small town, Arkansas - 1 Stars

These are NOT the same condoms referenced in most of the reviews. Durex has switched from a synthetic polyisoprene, which felt really nice and was suitable for most latex-sensitive people, to latex. These are, based on my experiences, entirely different from the older Avanti Bares.

The old polyisoprene Avanti Bares were my favorite condoms by far, but the new Avanti Bare Latex condoms were so short that they proved unusable. My partner is about average in length and slightly above average in girth and had no problems with the fit of the polyisoprene version, Durex Extra Sensitive condoms, or the vast majority of condoms we've tried.

JH - Region, IN - 2 Stars

I am not particularly large, but these condoms are tight! They are just too uncomfortable, and could use a bit more lube.

Lani - Princeton, NJ - 5 Stars

Before I tried these, I had been using Crown Skinless Skin condoms, which were the highest-rated condoms on this website. Out of curiosity, I decided to try these new Durex condoms, since they're non-latex (I hate the smell of latex). I love them! They feel much more like skin (not rubber) than any latex condom I've ever tried! My boyfriend said he liked these better than the Crown condoms, too. These are really great!

Bobby - Houston, Texas - 1 Stars

Worst product I have ever used! It ripped the very first time I used it, not durable whatsoever and if you have anything other than a tiny pee pee you will have issues with it ripping!

Dr Dave - Capitol hgts, MD - 5 Stars

Forget those bangos that say these are some crap brand, they don't know what the he** they are talking about. I used Trojan for years, the light blue pack. Sad I used them for so long, I tried Durex Love after reading some of the reviews and have to say they were pretty damn good. I ran low on the Love and needed a quick pick up pack. Didn't see the Love in the store and picked up the Avanti and was amazed of the feeling and the no smell. I have to agree with one reader who said they could use more lube, but the second condom I used was a little better than my first one with my lady. She really really liked them too!

Phil - Las Vegas, Nevada - 5 Stars

Feel great without the latex smell or taste for her later. New favorite.

Christopher - Sacramento, California - 1 Stars

Firstly, it was too small. I'm an above-average guy, but not huge, and average condoms are just a little tight on me. These were beyond tight, and only rolled down to about halfway. Secondly, neither one of us could feel ANYTHING at all. I would not recommend these at all.

Jon - IL - 3 Stars

I didn't think their was anything spectacular about these condoms. They just felt ok to me and my g/f. I still personally think the Bravo feels the best.

Maggie - Queens, NY - 5 Stars

These condoms are absolutely amazing, I was surprised to see some bad reviews on here but they really are my condom of choice. I will still buy other condoms but will always fall back on these.

The Proper Stranger - Columbus GA - 5 Stars

All it says:
-No smelly latex
-Great Feeling
THE best

Mark - Canada, Canada - 2 Stars

Bad news. This condom seems small in both girth and length. Stats sites tell me otherwise, but feeling is the key issue. I couldn't roll it down all the way, and it feels super tight. There is not much stretch to this condom. Don't buy these if you've got more than average girth or length. Boo urns.

alice - spartanburg, sc - 5 Stars

These condoms are the only ones my boyfriend and I like-neither of us can feel them at all. They're amazing and I highly recommend them.

John - Kingston, NY - 5 Stars

Vastly superior to latex or even some other polyurethane based condoms like LifeStyles Skyn. The material, thickness and shape of these condoms are pretty damn good. I haven't compared them to the Pleasure Plus condoms, but I would not hesitate to buy the Durex Bare again.

Al - Chicago, IL - 2 Stars

These condoms are not any different than the Durex Extra Sensitive ones that they sell. These condoms are short considering I'm only average, and the only good thing about them is that they don't smell at all really.
Not any more thin and definitely NOT worth the money. Pass this one up, unless your small....

Brain - Rochester - 1 Stars

I have not had to use condoms for quite a while (LTR). I was in a bind and bought these because they sounded good on the box. Way too small and hard to get on. So tight at the base I could not even finish. Smell was better than latex, but still there. It felt like I was wearing a tight sock! I guess I've just been spoiled for too long....

Kameron - Michigan - 1 Stars

These condoms suck! They are too think and lacks lubricant. I used one today and it ripped on me, got something else to worry about now thanks to Durex. DO NOT WASTE YOUR $$. Good water Balloons though. (Not kidding)

Spencer - Burbank, CA - 4 Stars

Not bad. They feel pretty light, allow circulation through and have good thinness. It's not as form fitting as it could be, since it creased a little, especially around my penis head and urethra. Still, a solid condom.

Michelle - St. Joseph, MI - 2 Stars

My boyfriend and I tried these because they're supposed to have a more natural feel and whatever. While they do feel nicer, they're not all they're cracked up to be. It still felt like plastic going in me and he couldn't feel much at all. We tried having sex with these twice and both times got no satisfaction. Definitely won't be using them again.

panda - detroit, MI - 3 Stars

Feel good but don't smell good and break often.

krissy - los angeles, ca - 5 Stars

I have been using these since before they were called "BARE" and I have to say as someone with allergies, these are by FAR the best I have ever used in my life! The only thing is you have to check for snugg-ness" every so often. But no burning or itching or rubbery feel. These are great. Finally, a condom that doesn't have burning stinging feel of spermicide OR the thick rubber chaffing you get from latex. 5 stars!

Special Agent Fernstein - Southern, California - 4 Stars

Great feeling---it is the closest I've gotten to feeling like there is nothing on. Only gripe I have is that they're a bit tight on me--I'd been using magnums before and had to switch because of my girlfriend's latex allergy. Just make some with the magnum's dimensions and they'll get 5 stars!

Johnny - Nashville, TN - 5 Stars

These are my new favorites. I am 2" wide so the 2 1/8" width makes for a nice snug fit. I can see, however, how this condom would not work for above average guys. Felt thinner to me than Durex Extra Sensitive and the no latex smell is a real plus. I would recommend this condom to guy who are average size.

John - Ohio - 5 Stars

These condoms are good haven't worn one in years but my girl had to stop taking her birth control so we started using them and 2 minutes into it she was Cumming all over so I know she likes them and I do as well 10 minutes later me cumming lol feels great!!

Ryan - Socal, California - 4 Stars

Such mixed reviews, and some of them seem biased or fake. I have tried these repeatedly, and I am aggressive, but none have ever broken on me. They are not weak condoms. And they do not smell, compared to latex, which is the biggest reason I buy them. But yes, they are not super thin and sensation is greatly reduced. I am well above average in both length and width, and these fit pretty well though I am wishing they were slightly larger and longer. Not for donkey dicks, but should be fine for 95% of men. I am still searching for the perfect condom, but these are worth trying if you hate the smell of latex.

Trevor - Boston, MA - 5 Stars

Best condom I've used. My wife and I love these. They are so soft and are as close to wearing nothing that we have gotten with a condom. Only complaint. . . not a lot of head room. Then again, most condoms don't have enough head room for me.

J.S. - Arizona - 3 Stars

We used to use Magnums but decided to try something that was thinner and not latex smelling. So we've almost finished our first and last box of Bare. There are a few things I enjoy about these condoms; no smell, not to expensive. However, my fiancée does not like the fact that there always too tight. He said its like a vacuum sucking his penis. The only times we've been able to finish is when we add extra lubricant. Otherwise I have to take care of myself. I would only recommend these to someone average size or smaller.

Daisy - Huntington Beach, California - 5 Stars

I have used alot of different types of condoms, but this one was definately the best! At least for me, a lot of guys say it is too small but the guy I had sex with had a pretty big penis and it fit just fine. At least for me, it was absolutely amazing!!

M.P.A. - Denver, CO - 5 Stars

I've tried several different condoms and this one is the best I've found so far! No smell at all and feels like there is nothing on. Would highly recommend!

Megan - New Bedford, MA - 1 Stars

We tried these condoms the other night. I could not stand them. I swear it felt like plastic. My husband was disappointed, but I don't even want to look at the box again, let alone use one again. It was such a fake feeling. DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL!!!

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