CROWN Skinless Condom Stocking

CROWN Skinless Condom Stocking

Also known as the Skinless Skin condom, these Crown latex condoms offer the highest level of sensitivity possible. They are lubricated, have a reservoir-tip, are non-contoured and have a pink tint to them. Our customers and staff have rated this as our #1 condom for over 11 years.

These Crown condoms are the thinnest condom we carry and also our best selling and condom. More customers reorder this condom more than any other.

Crown condoms, using superior technology, manufacture the Skinless Skin condom to be thinner than the average condom, without comprising strength. Size-wise, these condoms are slightly longer and wider than average-sized condoms. Crown Skinless Skin condoms are also odorless, tasteless and have a reservoir tip.

Crown condoms have international acclaim and are known throughout the world to be sensitive, durable and extremely stretchy.

This Crown Condom Holiday Sampler Pack Includes:

- 102 Crown Skinless Skin Condoms
- 1 Holiday Stocking

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Order a latex Crown condom holiday stocking for you and your partner this season. It is the perfect gift for partners looking to enhance their holiday mood! Also, check out our holiday stocking sampler for even more variety. Shop with Condom Depot for a full selection of latex Crown condoms.
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