Condom Instruction Pamphlets

Condom Instruction Pamphlets

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Condom Instruction Pamphlets for Sexual Education Teachers offer a straight-forward, easily accessible guide for students to learn how to properly use an external condom. 

When paired with a visual how-to presentation, such as a Condom Demonstrator Model, Condom Instruction Pamphlets allow students to retain information by reading a step-by-step guide either in the classroom, or the privacy of their own home. 

Benefits of Condom Instruction Pamphlets:
• Easy-to-read 4-step guide for properly using condoms.
• Explains the benefits of condoms as a contraceptive and protection against STIs.
• Multilingual – available in English and Spanish.
• Contains illustrations within each step.
• Discusses the benefits of lubrication.

Please note: Condom Depot is proud to assist Sexual Health Teachers nationwide with educational classroom supply needs. If you are seeking a larger or smaller quantity of Condom Instruction Pamphlets, please contact for special pricing and/or accommodations.

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