Lube Review: WET Platinum

WET Platinum silicone lubricant has been a long-time customer and staff favorite, so I was super excited to take a 3.1 oz bottle home with me over the weekend. Was it a one way ticket to pound town? Let’s find out!

OK, granted the hype was very strong with this lubricant. It’s received lots of positive feedback and rating from consumers, a ton of repeat sales, and it’s recommended by many a lube lover here at Condom Depot headquarters. 

Wet Platinum – A Condom Depot Review

Nevertheless, I think packaging lube in a bottle which properly seals is key, no matter how wonderful the lube is that leaks out left and right. Even before I got to use it, simply popping open the cap caused an eruption of lube droplets to shower down onto my clothing and bedsheets, leaving high contrast droplets on anything porous, even an unstained wooden art piece I have in my bedroom. The sheer force required to push down the flip top (after removing the inner safety seal) prompted me to use two thumbs to fully depress the cap downwards and this caused the lube to fly up out of the bottle and downpour onto its surroundings.

But, hey, since I was already a hot mess, I went ahead and tried it out on myself. There was no stickiness, tackiness or allergic reaction on my part and I really enjoyed the fact that it is both odorless and tasteless. It was long-lasting and it made my skin feel supple without causing a rash or acne to develop afterwards. 

This year, they’ve changed their bottle and product description on the front of the bottle from saying, “PREMIUM silicone lubricant” to “PREMIUM concentrated lubricant serum.” Fancy! Along with this superficial alteration, tried and true Platinum fans may have noticed a slight ingredient change this year. But don’t fret, because the new WET Platinum pure silicone formula is just as waterproof, vagina-friendly, anal sex appropriate, hypoallergenic and condom-safe as it was last year – especially since the removal of vitamin E from their list of lube ingredients. It's even an FDA approved medical device now!

Ingredients: Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Phenyl trimethicone

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Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict:

The body-safe ingredients are great, people do seem to love this lube and it’s very versatile. Despite the bottle design snafu during initial testing, I really do love this lube and would recommend it to anyone who asks for a suggestion. 

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

5-stars: "A great silicone lube. Cheaper than Pjur Eros and just as nice. Made in the USA." Ariel Miller - Bay City, MI

5-stars:  "I liked how this lube did not have a strong odor. It lasted for a long time and was even great for anal sex. I would recommend this product." Patty - Chicago, IL

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