Use TUMBLR To Spice Up Your Sex Life

I have yet to meet a female that doesn’t use Tumblr, and while cruising Reddit I ended up coming across a sexy game to play with your significant other.


User ThreeHotBoxes gives us the details on how to play this devious little game:

This is a variation of something I found in this subreddit, but tailored more as a game. SO loved the idea a lot (she wanted dibs on being the first "CEO") and we'll be starting the experiment this week.
First, you set up a Tumblr blog. I like it because it has a nice app for my phone and it lets you post any type of media (nice for posting text, videos, pictures, etc.). I'm sure Wordpress or something similar would work just as well. I set my blog to private/password-protected and gave my SO access to post anything (if you haven't set up a Tumblr, your main blog cannot be private, so you'll need to set up a second blog to be password protected).
Then, basically, every week, you switch between you and your partner. The person designated as the "CEO" (chosen erotic organizer) posts ANYTHING they want to do during that week (any activity, fetish they want to explore, a whole theme for the week, a rule for the week, a special type of sex, a position they want to try, an adult film to imitate, etc.). It can be as simple or complex as you want to make it, but it's up to the designated person to set it up if necessary. The next week, they switch. Of course, you may veto any sexsignment if you're not comfortable with it and you should know the boundaries of your relationship first. This would also probably not work very well for selfish partners.
It lets you explore and experiment without that sometimes-awkward chat of "can we try something new?" by making creativity the game. Personally, I really like it as a creative outlet.
Here are the rules I posted on the Tumblr page I set up:
Every week, one of us is designated as the "CEO" (chosen erotic organizer). In normal circumstances, the CEO will switch between us weekly on Sunday. Both parties may consent to lengthening the reign of the CEO or skipping weeks if necessary.

The CEO will choose an activity, fantasy, fetish, weekly theme, command, rules, etc. to be completed in that week (referred to as a "sexsignment "). The CEO must post the sexsignment by the end the day on Sunday and it should be as descriptive as necessary. If the idea is secret, some sort of hint should be posted.

Anyone may veto any sexsignment at any time for any reason. In this case, the CEO is allowed to make an alternative.

Sexsignments may be as elaborate or simple as you want. For example, it may be a position to try ), a one-night experience (e.g. blacklight sex), or a full themed week (e.g. full dom/sub).

It's okay to be selfish, but it should also be fun/interesting for both parties. It is agreed that there are absolutely no judgements and you should never hold back bringing up a fantasy or idea.

If the CEO does not prepare his/her sexsignment and it is not completed during the week at the fault of the CEO, then the next CEO may take two turns in a row.

Have a lot of fucking fun.

[Source - Reddit]

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