Too Much Masturbation?

Is there really such a thing as too much masturbation? Let’s find out!


As a huge advocate for the many benefits of masturbation, I am always shocked by the amount of people who believe they are doing it too often. Or, they feel as though they're going about it in an inappropriate way, feel they’re too young for it, or they have a deep-seated sense of shame about the act.

Basically, I’ve found that a lot of people consider it to be a source of mental stress. But, it is also recognized as being a physical release of tension-- which makes masturbation, in their eyes, a sort of very pleasurable problem.

Seeing Both Sides of the Story


Ordinarily, I am a complete optimist about this topic, “Masturbation can do no wrong! It is a gift that should be reveled in and cherished!” But, after learning more about the issues others are having with, or as a direct result of, masturbation I now think it is important to have a more realistic viewpoint about the subject.

Masturbation, like anything else, can have either a positive or negative effect. While some of the wonderful benefits of masturbation include reducing nocturnal emissions and relieving pent up sexual frustration, what are some of the downfalls? And, we aren’t talkin’ blindness and hairy palms here- these some of the actual consequences of self love.

The Death Grip Callus

Uncircumcised men can develop a type of callus on the underside of their penis, especially if no lubricant is used during vigorous and frequent masturbation. This is because the foreskin, which acts as a protective sheath against callusing has been removed. The death grip can makes it harder to get off from other sources, like oral and vaginal sex, because the penis is used to such a huge amount of pressure being exerted in order to reach an orgasm.


Using a masturbation cream or a premium silicone-based lubricant can prevent a callus from building up. Another tactic would be to switch from using a hand to a toy for boys.

The Burnt or Desensitized Clitoris

As discussed in the HBO show Sex and the City, vibrators which are meant for other uses, such as neck massagers, can damage the skin and nerve endings in the delicate and sensitive clitoris, which leads to a burnt or desensitized clitoris. An overuse of intensely vibrating mechanisms can wind up causing more harm than good, if the perpetual masturbator can no longer achieve an orgasm through any other means.


But, since vibrating rings like the Double Dolphin and the Rocket Blaster are easy to incorporate into sex acts with a male partner, this can be a great solution when a human touch is no longer enough. Check out the Erection Ring Size Chart to get one that fits your partner like a dream.

Adult Film Addicts


Men and women who obsessively watch pornography may end up being more comfortable with watching a sexual fantasy and masturbating than participating in a real sex act. This can cause adult film addicts to develop unrealistic expectations about sex and sexuality, including a mindset that proper condom and lubricant usage and the employment of dental dams are unnecessary for protection against unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

Remember that your own sexual adventures will not include set dressers, wardrobe, hair and make-up crews, pre-employment STD screenings and professional editing. There may be farts, burps, sneezes, queefs, profuse sweating, sex flush, bathroom breaks, menstrual discharge, incapacitating foot cramps, hiccups or any other number of unexpected bodily functions during the real deal.

And, this includes the very real and serious ramifications of sex. Don’t wait for a rude awakening from the make-believe world of pornography. Wrap it up safe with a Beyond Seven Studded or a LifeStyles Ultra Thin for both of your protection.

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