Testicular Vasocongestion a.k.a. Blue Balls

When it comes to boobgasms and sex flush, we've already discussed vasocongestion. But what's the deal with vasocongestion of the testicles--more commonly known as blue balls?

Make no mistake about it-- the body’s response to sexual stimuli is strong and should not be underestimated. When the mind senses a possibility to reproduce, blood rushes to reproductive organs with a quickness and it stays there until there is a resolution-- either through the passing of time or through ejaculation.

blue balls

This powerful reaction to the possibility of sex, known as vasocongestion, is responsible for some pretty beautiful things such as nipple swelling (hardness), full red lips, and clitoral and penile erections. But it can also be a real pain in the crotch. In fact, it can even cause extreme discomfort. But, never fear, because even the worst case of blue balls are a temporary affliction and are completely harmless to the body.

Basically, during the arousal stage, semen and seminal fluids hurriedly move up from the each testis in the muscular tubes known as the vans deferens. These tubes pump this fluid up into the ejaculatory ducts, which at this point are prepped to shoot enough skeet to win a game of Duck Hunt. The result? Engorged and swollen testicles, primed for creating a multi-strand pearl necklace. But what if this orgasm doesn't take place? Blue balls.

blue ball video game

Testicular vasocongestion almost always occurs as a result of severe sexual frustration. A large amount of blood has rushed into the genital region and sperm transfer has been called in action, yet there is no release. Whether your foreplay session was interrupted before an orgasm takes place, you were cock blocked, or your partner has not given consent to the impending ejaculate eruption, blue balls are uncomfortable and heavy at best and excruciatingly painful at their worst.

Females are also capable of feeling this built-up pressure in their cervical area due to similar circumstances. This is a sensation my friends and I like to call, “azul huevos,” which translates into English as,"blue eggs." Some people in this situation say their sex organs feel similar to the unpleasant sensations they get during menstrual cramping. Personally, I get more of a dull stabbing, aching and amplified heart-beat situation going on down there when I put all my eggs into one basket, only to be teased. Good thing I’ve got my Pink Deluxe Mushroom Glass Wand and WET Platinum lube on hand when needed!

speed limit 69

What's the solution to avoiding or eliminating blue balls or azul huevos? Release. And lots of it. Masturbation can oftentimes be an easier way to gain sexual satisfaction than relying on a partner to get you off. It’s a safe, easy and pleasurable way to bust a nut and break free from the blue ball chains when the call of the wild strikes. So be prepared to vigorously stroke when vasocongestion makes your genitals feel like they're broke.

If your masturbation routine has gone stale, try introducing a warming or tingling lube, a pocket pussy, edging, hands-free masturbation techniques or posh wanking for a brand new self-exploration experience. Plus, getting to know what you like and don’t like while you’re on your own can be a great help when the time finally arises for an orgasm with your partner. Some ID Glide Personal Lubricant and a Jana Cova Male Masturbator will surely drain the one-eyed-beast of that semen-in-suspense and vanquish the vasocongestion foe... until next time.

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