10 Signs You Just Had Mind-blowing Sex

There are generally two kinds of sex. There’s bad sex, and then there’s good, toe-curling sex, where somehow this person knows exactly know what to do and you can’t stop kissing them and you’re using sex to step inside their soul.


10. You think “WHY AM I SO HUNGRY RIGHT NOW??”
9. At least one body part is twitching uncontrollably - thighs being the key indicator. It’s like, doing a naked Elvis impersonation, ya know?
8. After you’ve laid there for a few minutes, and thought about how hungry you are, you realize that you want to do it again....and again...and again.
7. You cannot stop smiling. It’s all those endorphins!
6. Your neighbor is banging on the wall and screaming “Shut the hell up you horny kids!!! You think I want to hear you bang ALL NIGHT LONG?”
5. You can’t find your underwear....
4. That position your partner put you in, the one you later discovered is called the “Shake n’ Bake.” Well, you can’t stop thinking about it, and why this is the first time you’ve experienced it.
3. The next day, you’re in an office meeting and suddenly your mind switches from TPS Reports to the dirty, mind-blowing sex you had the night before. You feel like you could pass out, and you can’t stop grinning. Yeah....
2. The windows in your apartment are fogged. Like, COMPLETELY fogged.
1. The “Walk of Shame” feels less shameful, and more like a public display of last night’s multi-orgasms. You just had mind-blowing sex the night before, and now everyone knows it!

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