Condom Depot Fishing: Team Stiff Competition at The 2013 DeSoto Fishing Tournament

Condom Depot Fishing - The 17th annual DeSoto Fishing Tournament occurred this past weekend in Bradenton, Florida and featured a variety of event categories including a junior division, inshore fishing, offshore fishing, and even spearfishing.


The offshore competition had 12 teams participating and including returning tournament champions, Haulin Grass led by Captain Brian Turner, as well as new entrants to the tournament, Condom Depot’s Team Stiff Competition led by Captain John Fidi.

Along with Team Stiff Competition’s formidable 2013 Contender 39’ST and its triple Yamaha 350 hp engines, the offshore teams departed Tarpon Point Marina venturing far into the open water to lay claim to the trophies hidden beneath the water’s surface.

Team Stiff Competition and Capt. John Fidi came back with an impressive showing for their debut at the DeSoto Fishing Tournament. Their catch included a 91-pound warsaw grouper, one grouper, one kitty mitchell grouper, a 26-pound wahoo, a 26-pound blackfin tuna and a 32-pound kingfish. Resulting in an impressive 413 point total and securing a 3rd place victory for the team.

Second place in the offshore division went to team Jumbo Shrimp.  First place was awarded to returning vets Haulin Grass who reeled in a white marlin worth 175 points.  Combined with their other catches, Haulin Grass recieved a point total of  465.

The DeSoto Fishing Tournament was a great event held in the Bradenton area and 2014 will be sure to see the return of Condom Depot’s Team Stiff Competition.  This time the team will have an eye on ending Haulin Grass’  winning streak.

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