Lube Review: Wet Together

Everyone at Condom Depot loves Wet, except me, so I wasn’t expecting to enjoy these two lubes so much – but clearly, everything’s better when you’re Wet Together!

Wet Together is designed to increase enjoyment for couples. It comes with two very different his & hers lubes. Basically, it’s a tingling minty scented silicone-based lube for her and a warming water-based lube for him. Please note that His does contain glycerine and Vitamin E oil, which some women may find problematic, but Hers does not have either of those ingredients. Neither contains parabens.

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When it comes to products, I am a complete sucker for fabulous and well-designed packaging. Somehow it makes me trust the merchandise more and it offers a touch of class, unlike a clear plastic pump bottle. I also really liked the idea of customizing the experience by having a different ratio of the tingling/warming lubes in the mix each time, like a sexy science experiment. But, maybe that's because I just made my own DIY Lubes recently.

I was very surprised at the size of the pink and blue bottles, especially since the description mentioned them being enough for 45 uses. These lube bottles are small. Really small. Like, “Who shrunk my lube?” small. So, be warned about that. But, when I started experimenting with them, it quickly became apparent as to why they are so lilliputian.

These formulas are super concentrated, and not like concentrated orange juice – I’m talking a couple drops of each here. That’s it. Using anymore would just be a waste. I like the few drops method of lubing up more than the once again pouring on even more lube because it takes less time, is less distracting, makes for easier after sex clean up and it creates less of a mess on fabrics.

And, WET Together last an extremely long time. The closest thing I can compare is to for staying power would be baby oil gel, which of course is not a condom safe lube, and is quite greasy. But WET Together is completely condom safe! We used it with a Rough Rider studded condom, His on the inside and Hers on the outside. It is also safe for use with 100% silicone and nonporous toys.

Final Verdict:

WET Together looks, feels and smells great and it is definitely worth a try by any couples who enjoy warming/tingling sensations. If it didn't have glycerine, it would be perfect!

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

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