Lube Review: Swiss Navy Candy Cane-Flavored

Screw presents, familial love, and goodwill towards man. My favorite thing about the holiday season? Peppermint. EVERYWHERE.


Pumpkin spice is so whatever. Peppermint is where it’s at, and lucky for me, Swiss Navy’s Candy Cane-Flavored Personal Lubricant came out just in time to get me into the holiday spirit.

Sometimes when people try to make peppermint products, they try a little too hard and it’s either all spice or all mint. Not so with this lube. The sweet backbone of this flavor is a vanilla heaven, which brings out the mint even more. By all means, don’t mistake this for your everyday mint-flavored lube.

In fact, I think it’s very comparable to my other favorite flavored lube, WET Naturals Sensual Strawberry. It’s not overwhelming, it doesn’t taste over-manufactured, and I frankly, I would like to put it on ice cream. And everything else I eat for the rest of the holiday season, thanks.

Ok, so the taste is sublime. But don't flavored lubes get sticky really fast? This lube actually held up well to the rubbing test, meaning that it neither got tacky, nor did it dry up particularly quickly. If I weren’t so busy eating this lube, I'd recommend it for handjobs.

I’m wondering if this is because it has both water and PEG-8, also known as dimethicone, which is a form of silicone. I guess that would make this a hybrid-lube. Lots of hybrid lubes are safe to use on silicone toys, but I’d do a spot test first to make sure it won’t melt or change your toy.


And for a flavored lube? The rest of the ingredients aren’t terrible. It’s paraben, glycerin, and sugar-free. All of the ingredients can be found on our Lube Ingredients List.

The only other thing that caught my eye was the sodium saccharin, which is an artificial sweetener. Most companies use these sweeteners in place of glycerin or sugar. It’s nice to think that they do that to prevent yeast infections, but some people still have reactions to saccharin-- granted, fewer than those who do to straight up sugar-- so it’s not exactly flaw-proof.

Because of this, I chose to keep it away from my personal parts, although my partner rather enjoyed the sensation.

Mint has a tingling reputation, especially with certain other products, like Trojan Fire & Ice, and WET Synergy + Cool Tingle. He reported a menthol feeling, even though there is no menthol in the product-- not exactly a tingle, but still a gentle cool feeling that was increased with air flow and gave him a pleasant, wintery shiver.

This lube comes in a pump-top bottle, which means it's easy to use even when your hands are all lubed up. When you click on the link below, it's not listed in the picture of the Swiss Navy Flavored lubes; however, you can select it from the drop down list on the left.


Overall rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict:

Maybe I’m just a sucker for candy canes, but even with the saccharin, this still made my list of top lubes for this year. The silicone and water hybrid base makes Swiss Navy's Candy Cane Flavored Lubricant perfect for just about any type of sex, even though you’ll only want to use it for oral to get into the holiday spirit.

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