Review and How-To: The Today Sponge

Careless when it comes to consistently using condoms? Extra contraceptive protection is now available on in the form of 3-Packs of Today Sponges!

Review and How-To – the Today Sponge

Made by the folks who manufacture Kimono brand condoms, Mayer laboratories, the Today Sponge is an insertable contraceptive device which provides partners the ability to better choose whether to procreate.

But don’t worry-- as these sponges are also safe for use with condoms, marital aides, dental dams, and lubricants, so you don’t have to avoid any of the other forms of safer sex you may like to include in your adventures.

Remember, these sponges only act as a contraceptive, not an STI or STD blocker. Be sure to get tested regularly for contagious viruses, etc. and to ask for disclosure from your partner(s).

It can be worn for a full 24 hours, making spontaneous safer sex more possible than the restrictive timelines on FC2 female condoms (8 hours max) and VCF (3 hours max). Any amount of sex can be had during this timeframe while the sponge is still intact and in place.

However, if ejaculation occurs near the end of the 24 hour period, the makers suggest keeping it in place for an additional 6 hours (totaling 30 hours).

Please read more about Toxic Shock Syndrome in order to prevent a serious infection from leaving the sponge in longer than intended.

So how do these little round sponges prevent pregnancies? Today Sponges are loaded with spermicidal ingredients, which activate when wet.

Please note, some people have sensitivities to the ingredients in spermicides and may experience itching or burning. If this occurs, remove the sponge and discontinue use of spermicides.

The Today Sponge

How-To Insert the Today Sponge:

  1. Unpack one of the three sponges found in your discreetly delivered package from
  2. A folded paper reference guide with specifics and additional details can also be removed from the box at this time and thoroughly read.
  3. Wash hands with soap and water. Then dry.
  4. Peel the cover off of your domed sponge container.
  5. Remove sponge carefully, being careful not to puncture it with a fingernail.
  6. Hold under the tap and squeeze gently only until a light foam appears (a bit like soap suds).
  7. Find the ribbon end of the sponge and face it towards your feet.
  8. Fold the sponge so it conforms around your finger lengthwise.
  9. Carefully insert it into the vaginal canal until it completely covers the cervical opening.
  10. Sponge starts working immediately!

How-To Remove the Today Sponge:

  1. Wait 6 hours after ejaculation occurred.
  2. Wash hands with soap and water. Dry them.
  3. Spread legs and labia apart and reach into the vaginal canal.
  4. Locate the elastic ribbon with your fingertips.
  5. Grasp the loop firmly and pull out of the vagina.
  6. Throw Today Sponge away.
  7. Wash and dry hands.

Final Verdict:

As contraceptives go, the Today Sponge is an unobtrusive option which neither partner should be extremely aware of while it’s in use. A great baby-proofing alternative for those who have a hard time finding properly fitting condoms and are STI-free.

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Overall Rating: 4 Stars 

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