Length vs Girth: The Great Debate

We here at the Condom Depot Learning Center have been getting a lot of questions lately about condom length. “Is my condom too long?” you ask. “Will it come off if it isn’t long enough?” And perhaps, most importantly, “What's better length or girth?"


With the number of posts and emails we get from people asking us if they’re big enough (seriously, you’re all fine), we find that folks are usually the most curious about their length. This doesn't seem all that baffling, until you realize how deep a vagina is.

Despite the rumors of celebrities and politicians having thirteen-inchers, despite the tale of John Holmes having such a glorious wang that he passed out when he got to full mast, the vaginal canal is typically only about four inches deep when aroused. Four inches.

“Because,” shout the men’s magazines, “it’s girth that’s really important! Who cares how long you are, so long as you’re thick and meaty?!”

Length Versus Girth: Which is Better?


Let’s settle this debate once and for all – by giving no answer. Because there is no single answer as to what’s better. Because your partners are real human beings with varying preferences, experiences, and needs.

While one partner may like to have her cervix touched during penetration, another might find that uncomfortable and only want clitoral stimulation. And here’s the even better thing: no matter what your size or shape, you can still please them. Doesn't matter if you're curved or below average, everyone can be an excellent lover with confidence, a well-practiced technique, and attention to their partner's needs.

Instead of focusing on size and shape, let's focus on safety. No matter what your downstairs buddy looks like, it’s important to be safe. The girth vs. length debate should only be a big deal in relation to condom size. Which is more important to adhere to when picking your condom? Since we don't yet have custom-fit condoms widely available, sometimes measuring yourself isn't enough.

If you go too small with the girth, you’re bound to be among one of the countless men who find condoms to be uncomfortable. If you go too big, it can fall off. And don't get me started on length – what is the minimum needed to protect yourself?

And even worse – what if there is a condom size that fits well in the length, but not in the girth? What about vice versa?

If you have to make a compromise, go for the correct girth measurement over length. If the length is too long, having extra at the base of the penis isn’t such a big deal (although having too much rolled up may be just as uncomfortable as wearing a condom that's too tight). If it’s too short, place a properly-sized  erection ring around the condom, before the latex band. This will help it stay on and will also add the thrill of extra growth and hardness that erection rings accomplish.

And if nothing's comfortable? Have your partner wear a female condom. Remember, they aren't just for females and they aren't even just for people with vaginas – they're one of the top choices on our Best Condoms For Anal Sex list.

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