How To Use a Vibrating Penis Ring

A vibrating ring is similar to an erection ring, except it has a small vibrator on it. An erection ring is used to enhance an erection and orgasm by restricting blood flow.



This makes the penis just a little bit harder, bigger, and more sensitive. Adding a tiny vibrator just makes sex that much more amazing by stimulating both you and your partner with, as the Beach Boys like to sing, “Good, good, good, good vibrations!”

How to Use a Vibrating Ring


1. You may want to shave your scrotum before putting one on. If the ring is made of latex or silicone, it’s easy to get hair stuck or pulled out and shaving might add a little bit of comfort. Make sure your hands are dry too, because you don’t want to lose your grip and have it snap on your penis, because oh God why.

2. Put the ring on while flaccid or not fully-erect to make it easier. Using a little lube will help. You can wear it on your shaft alone, or around your balls. To put one around your balls, slip the testicles in one at a time, then fold the penis in half and slip it through.


3. Position it right so that your partner gets the full effect of the vibration. Putting it facing up might help stimulate the clitoris while putting it facing down can stimulate the anus. It’s up to you and your partner and trying out a couple different positions could be a lot of fun.

4. Turn it on when you’re ready to use it and off when you’re taking a break. The batteries in most vibrating rings don’t last longer than about a half hour. If your session ends before they’re done, take the batteries out to preserve their life.

Remove the vibrating ring or erection ring if the following occur:

  • the genitals begin to feel cold.
  • the penis swells more than just a little bit.
  • it begins to hurt.
  • has been on for more than twenty minutes

Leaving one on for too long, wearing it incorrectly, or wearing the wrong erection ring size can result in priapism, a dangerous condition where your erection has trouble going away naturally. You know, like those Viagra commercials where they say, “Please see a doctor for an erection lasting more than four hours.” If this happens, you may need to take a trip to the ER.

Vibrating Rings

Both vibrating rings and erection rings can be paired with condoms with no problem. They can even help to hold condoms in place, if you find they tend to slip.

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