Hitting the Spot: A-Spot Stimulation

Hopefully, you are already versed in the enormous pleasures that can result from G-Spot stimulation, but what about the almighty A-Spot?


What is the A-Spot?

Short for the anterior fornix, the A-Spot lies deeper in the vaginal canal than the G-Spot does, but is in a shallower zone than the posterior fornix. The simplest means of describing its location is that it’s located directly before the cervix. Like the G-Spot, it resides on the front portion of the vaginal canal, as in facing the bellybutton.

Some women find the sensation of cervical massage to be uncomfortable, while others simply can’t get enough of it. It's a personal preference which should always be discussed before a surprise cervical slamming.

Large Penises and the A-Spot


Men with large penises have no trouble reaching the cervix, as the average female vaginal canal is between 4-6 inches long. Generally, the more aroused she is, the longer the canal becomes. So, extra foreplay can be very helpful for those more ample gentlemen, while it can be a hinderance to those who are not quite so lengthy. To extend to canal, try using these 'Cunnilingus Tips, Tricks & Techniques.'

For men with a large penis, wrap it up in a Durex XXL or Magnum XL and give it a whirl. Typically, positions where you’re facing one another work the best, but since pensises come in all sorts of curvy shapes, this may differ from couple to couple. You’ve got the advantage of being able to feel her with your tip, so you’ll have a better grasp of where you are in relation to her cervix.

A-Spot Stimulation for Others


For women who are masturbating, for women who have sex with women, or for a partnership in which the male isn’t long enough to reach this exciting anatomical feature, there is no need to despair or to give up hope of ever reaching the A-Spot. Fingers and smaller penises aren’t typically long enough for this precise task, but the employment of a toy can do the trick. Check out "The 5 Best Dildos for Size Queens" for some great larger sized insertables.

Because toys have no nerve endings, it can be difficult to tell exactly where the toy is nudging without a little guidance. If you begin with manual sex (fingering), first identify the G-Spot. Even with gloves or finger cots, feeling the raised ridged texture of the G-Spot should be easy enough. For more information, read 'What and Where is the G-Spot?'

Once this is located, make a mental note and grab the toy of choice. I recommend a toy that is around 5.5” or more for A-Spot stimulation. Remember, there needs to be enough toy leftover for you to hold onto, even when things get buck wild and really slippery. Using one such as the LELO Billy is ideal. Insert the toy and move past the G-Spot that you just located.

How To: Reaching the A-Spot


If you feel a distinct pop, you’ve gone too far and you’ve reached the posterior fornix. Back it off a notch and try again. First feel for the G-Spot and then maintain pressure towards the front facing wall of her vaginal canal, while slowly increasing the penetrative distance. Maintain an angle towards the bellybutton. Some people find that pressing down on the lady's lower belly at this point can provide extra sensation.

Of course, using a high quality lube like Probe Thick & Rich can help ease the friction and promote ease of deep sliding action at this juncture. You don’t want to attempt hitting the A-Spot without plenty of lube.

This is a great technique to learn while masturbating, so that you can help guide your partner along to the A-Spot. Sometimes communication can be the best tool for the job. So, when in doubt about her A-Spot, simply ask her!

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