Okamoto USA: Brand History & Products

Since February of 1934, Okamoto Rubber Industries, Inc. has been at the top of the condom manufacturing business in Tokyo, Japan.

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About the Okamoto USA Brand

Formerly known as The Japan Rubber Industry, the company was founded in January of 1934 as a means to make and sell rubberized clothing and raincoats. And yes, this is one of the origins of the slang term (raincoats=condoms).

In just one month’s time, condoms were added to their product line and have contributed to the steady growth of Okamoto Industries ever since. To this day, they are still manufacturing the #1 top-selling condoms in Japan and have an ever expanding international market for their extremely high quality condoms.

Okamoto USA, Inc is located in Sandusky, Ohio and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Okamoto Industries, Inc. Okamoto Industries makes Crown and Okamoto brand condoms in Japan at their Ibaraki Plant, while Okamoto USA makes and markets their line of Beyond Seven brand condoms.

Condoms made at all Okamoto factories are FDA-approved and are manufactured using state-of-the-art materials, equipment and testing procedures. Okamoto is well known for producing the absolute thinnest, strongest, most reliable and smoothest condoms, for a more natural feeling for both partners. All condoms currently made by Okamoto Industries and Okamoto USA are lubricated, have a reservoir tip and are non-contoured (meaning they have a straight fit).

After endless hours of research, Okamoto has developed a super thin and strong material called sheerlon, which is a silkier than traditional latex and it doesn’t have any potent latex odors or tastes. Okamoto strives to stay ahead of the game by continuing to come up with new and innovative latex manufacturing technologies and super comfortable safer sex products.

About Okamoto USA Products


Crown condoms are one of the most popular and well loved condom brands in the world. The Crown Skinless Skin condom is not only our staff and customer favorite here at Condom Depot, it has also become well known as the pink condom seen in many adult films. It's soft material, stretchy nature and skin-like feeling and inexpensive price have made it our top seller for over 13 years.

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Beyond Seven condoms are made from a special sheerlon latex. Aside from their classic Beyond Seven Sheerlon condom, they also offer a unique aloe-enriched condom with four times the normal lubrication and a popular studded textured condom as well. Try them all in Condom Depot's Beyond Seven Sampler Pack. Read our Safer Sexperts honest and intimate reviews of these Beyond Seven condoms right here.


Okamoto .004 condoms are marketed as being the thinnest FDA-approved condom, (the FDA has a maximum allowable thickness for approval of 0.03). Despite it's unbelievable thinness, this condom is built tough and can last through acrobatic erotic escapades, all while providing superior heat transfer between partners.

Want to experiment with the entire product line and find your all-time favorite Okamoto condom? While the manufacturer themselves doesn't offer any sampler packs for retail purchase, we sure do! Condom Depot's FDA-approved repackaging facility staff has been working hard to bring you many exclusive condom variety packs. You can find Okamoto condoms in these awesome tins and samplers from Condom Depot:


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