HELP! I'm Having Sex For the First Time!

Having sex got the first time can be exciting and nerve-wracking. How do you know if you're doing it right? How do you avoid some of the biggest risks of having sex?


But you're in luck! We at the Condom Depot Learning Center have compiled some tips and important information to keep in mind to make your first time comfortable, fun, and (most importantly) safe.

The Comfort


It’s very normal to be nervous about having sex for the first time. After all, it’s a very risky activity, but having a realistic and cohesive knowledge of the risks you’re taking will make you more confident about dealing with problems, should they arise. Take a peek around our Learning Center to get comfortable with the basic facts about sex. Like how to use a condom (it may not be as easy as you think!), which lubes damage condoms, or how to use a vibrating ring.

Communicate with your partner beforehand. Let them know your expectations, what is completely off limits, and what you’d really enjoy. This way, no one has any unrealistic expectations and no one is  afraid of consenting to something that may later on make them uncomfortable.

Depending on your age, it may be fun to take a trip with your partner to a sex store and find some fun things to try out-- lubes, condoms, massage oils, that sort of thing. It may take away some of the awkwardness of the first encounter. If you’re too young to visit a sex store, you’ll still be able to find a small selection of condoms and lube at your local pharmacy. You can also shop online for top-level discretion. We happen to know a place.

If it’s your first time having sex, try and do it somewhere comfortable, like a bed or couch. Shower sex or other risky positions can always be attempted later, after you’ve established how everything fits together. Also, picking somewhere where you know that you won’t be interrupted or get caught will make it easier to keep your mind on getting busy.

The Fun


Communication shouldn’t cut off the second you take your clothes off. Just make your voice a little deeper and sexier-- dirty talk while providing your partner with positive feedback is awesome.

While you may want to start off easy with the Missionary Position, there’s plenty of other ways to situate your bodies for your romp. Check out our list of Positions of the Week for some ideas to switch it up.

Or you can check out these sexy ways of putting on a condom to keep things heated while you’re being safe.

Remember, if anything makes you uncomfortable or hurts, letting your partner know immediately will make the experience more pleasant for both of you. After all, if you’re not enjoying yourself, why bother doing it?

The Safe


I mean, this should be obvious coming from us, but always play it safe. Hormonal birth control is a great idea if there’s a risk of someone becoming pregnant from your sexual interaction, but condoms and dental dams are essential for preventing the spread of STDs. Don’t forget-- even virgins can carry some STDs. Also, if you’re on birth control but super nervous about your pregnancy risk anyway, using a condom should give you some further comfort.

Before you jump into the sheets, check out our handy guide on how to find your condom size so you and your partner can make sure any and all condoms are being used correctly.

Contrary to the rumors that went around my junior high, it’s entirely possible to get pregnant your first time. I have no idea where that rumor came from, but you can also get pregnant by having sex during your period-- you can get pregnant any time during your cycle unless you or your partner are sterile or are using birth control correctly.

You can also come up with a plan with your partner for what to do if your condom breaks.

Sex may have risks, but these risks are easy to prevent and take care of. Make sure you have open communication with your partner at all time about what to do if something goes wrong, and remember to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Think having sex for the first time will make you lose a part of yourself or change you in some way? Nope. Our friends over at Spicy Gear

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