Guessing Penis Size: 10 Most Common Mistakes

Did you know that guessing what size a penis is, without actually seeing or feeling it, is nearly impossible?


And yet, people do it all the time. Most of these methods are based on other physical indicators of testosterone. When the tables are turned, it's funny to think about how silly these methods would be to if used to estimate the size of a woman's vaginal canal. Really though, they are just as ridiculous when applied to male genitalia, and yet these ten things all remain popular methods of estimation.

10. Body Hair

Even the fluffiest and most elaborate hipster beard or the darkest silkiest chest or arm hair is not a guarantee that their penis is just as overtly manly in proportion. In fact, many believe that a shaved pubis makes the penis appear larger. Austin Powers would argue that chest hair is indeed a sign of ultimate virility and mojo, but really, it's not.

9. The Bulge


Comparing the bulge size of a dude to his potential erect size can be misleading, primarily because the bulge is often caused by balls, and not the shaft itself. Also, pants with a too high inseam can create a falsely representative bulge that has to reside on one side of the inseam-- just think Jimmy Paige. Additionally, checking out a bulge while a guy is in a bathing suit can also lead to a false impression in the opposite direction-- due to shrinkage.

8. Size while Soft

Ever hear somebody say, “I’m a grower, not a shower?” Well, it might not be as bull-ishhy as it sounds. In fact, the smaller the penis is, the more it will expand when the blood begins to flow into it during an erection. So, in reality, the smaller it is when it is flaccid, the more it will expand (proportionally) versus larger flaccid sizes which do not grow as much when excited, exponentially.

7. Hand/Finger Size


Giant hands may seem like a great telltale sign for massive length and girth below the equator, and small dainty hands may seem to point towards a dinky size down below, but these simply are not accurate means of determining or estimating penis size. If you find yourself checking out the thumb or middle finger in hopes that it will indicate a large penis size, you may be very surprised when you see the real deal.

6. Wrist Circumference


If you’re a girth queen and you’re looking for a wide load, you may use wrist size as a determining factor in your pre-assessment of his circumference. The truth of the matter is, bone size doesn’t equal bone size, if you know what I’m sayin’. Like all of these ways of estimating, if you’re looking for girth, you’re going to have to skip the wrist exam see the real deal to be sure he is packin’ dat girth.

5. Ethnicity


Sure, some scientific data suggests that the average penis size in different nations is varied. The general assumption is that black males have the largest penises while Asian men have the smallest and everyone else falls in between those two extremes. However, we are all unique individuals and averages are just that, averages. Also, most penis sizes studies have been thrown out due to falsely reported information by participants in the studies. So, who knows, really. But, it is quite possible for a man of African descent to have the exact same sized penis size as a man with Asian descent. If an African-American man orders Iron Grip condoms and an Asian-American man orders Magnum Thins, no one around here bats an eye.

4. Height/Weight


Having a large stature is not the same thing as having a large penis, and vice versa. If it were, picking an appropriately sized mate would be a cinch. All you’d have to do to find a mid-sized penis would be to find a mid-sized guy. Unfortunately, height and weight have nothing to do with penis size, whatsoever, so it’s back to the guessing game, lest you be severely disappointed by a basketball star or seriously impressed by a jockey.

3. Pitch of Voice

Sure, Barry White and Peter Steele are considered to be universally sexy and have some seriously deep voices, but does that mean that every man with a deep voice has a big dick? Absolutely not. That’s the equivalent of saying that women who are sopranos have a tiny vagina. As a contrast to the deep voice, many people assume that a high-pitched voice indicates a small penis, which is again, not true. Tiny Tim and Frankie Valli, we’ve got your back.

2. Truck Size


Here in the south, it’s a standard belief that men in large trucks, particularly those who have no practical need for such a vehicle, are over compensating for having a smaller than average penis. Granted, this is a humorous outlook and can prove to be entertaining during rush hour traffic, but it holds no merit regarding penis size, although it may prove to be true when it comes to ego size.



1. Shoe SizemWk3DPy

We’ve already done a bit of myth busting about condom sizing, but now this rampant shoe size myth has got to go. It’s such a common misconception that two London-based urologists, Christopher and Shah, proved the theory wrong once and for all during a scientific study in 2002. They found no correlation between foot/show size and penis size whatsoever, so ahead and strut confidently your size sevens, guys. It's no indication of your manhood.

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