Fellatio Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Beguiled by blow jobs? Got a dick-in-the-mouth dilemma?


Whether you’re a seasoned blow job master or an oral sex novice, learning new fellatio tips, tricks and techniques can benefit both you and your partner(s). Having phenomenal oral sex has been shown to increase fidelity and the length of relationships, so if it's something you enjoy, why not give it your all?


While the head of the penis contains the most highly condensed amount of nerve endings, incorporating the underside of the shaft, cupping the scrotum and lightly pressing on the perianal regions of the male anatomy can greatly enhance the oral sex experience for you and your partner. For maximum impact, show attention to his genital region as a whole, not just his tip.

Overcumming Oral Obstacles


Running into snags while sucking? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are a ton of issues to tackle when it comes to giving head. Here are some fellatio tips, tricks and techniques for avoiding these common pitfalls:

  • Performance Anxiety: Relax and communicate. It’s not a competitive race to the finish line, folks. It’s about pleasure and intimacy, which can take time to develop. Taking a few deep breaths beforehand can promote a calmer emotional state by reducing anxiety and it can prepare you for the lack of oxygen to come.
  • Lubing Him Up: Condoms feel a whole lot better when the skin is wet. Plus, lube makes them way less likely to break due to the heat from friction. Our favorite flavored lube is Wet Naturals Sensual Strawberry. For even more sensation, add a few drops of KY Warming to the head area for increased blood flow.
  • Putting on the Condom: I can’t stress this enough-- use a flavored condom for fellatio. Oral sex is still sex. Our staff favorites are Durex Tropical condoms. Other ones will taste horrible or leave your mouth numb. Pursing the reservoir tip of the condom between your lips, align the mouth, and work the condom down to the base.
  • Breathing Through the Nose: If you have allergies or a cold, this can be a problem. If you can’t breathe, alternate from swirling licks, using hands and straight up sucking.
  • Covering Teeth with Lips: I recently made a friend with a very girthy partner, who surprised me when she pulled out her false teeth and grinned. Unless you’re in that same boat, covering teeth is so important. Teeth can easily puncture a condom, leaving you both at risk for transmission. If you have extremely sharp teeth, using a small amount of dental wax can help protect your lips while they are curved over them for extended amounts of time. Remember, the goal is to avoid blood, so don’t cut him or yourself with those chompers. The hardest time to avoid this is during the pull out motion, as this tends to drag the lips outwards from the mouth. Be vigilant and keep those lips in place!
  • Suppressing Gag Reflex: Much like sword swallowing, this can take a lot of practice. Squeezing your thumbs by making a fist helps some people, while for others it’s more of a mental block. Try various positions, as some will cause this reflex more than others. Adjusting the head and neck to get a straight (unbent) esophagus seems to work well, as in receiving partner on hands and knees on a bed, while the entering partner is standing.
  • Eyes Tearing Up: This one is difficult to avoid. If running makeup is an issue, switch to a waterproof formula. If contact lenses are an issue, be sure to have a backup pair or some glasses with you.
  • The Balancing Act: There’s a reason the on-your-knees or squatting-in-front positions are a fellatio stereotype. Other hunched or hunkered over positions can make it difficult to balance, especially if hands are being used and the mattress is soft.
  • Hair in the Mouth: Blech. No matter if it’s yours or theirs, it’s distracting and unpleasant. If it happens very often, consider tying back your hair beforehand, or hold your partners hair while they’re bobbing away. Also, take note if it seems to be mostly pube-related, as a trim may be in order.

New Partners and Predicting Pace Preferences


Want to really WOW your new partner while receiving fellatio? Be gentle and reassuring during the learning process. Everyone loves compliments and positive reinforcement, versus harsh criticism. Remember that since everybody is unique, what their last partner liked may not be what you prefer, at all.

The happier you make the performer, the more likely it is that they’ll moan, which is nature’s Vibrating Johnny. Hum-dinger! Hint: ask them a question while you’re deep in their throat. The resulting, “Mmm hmmm,” answer will feel great.

Help them get to know your body in a kind and patient manner, after all, no one knows your penis better than you do, and chances are you’d like your new partner to do this for you again. Also, having a towel, a glass of water, some Mentos and some Chapstick nearby for them to have afterwards never hurt.

Bile-tastic Blow Job Blunders

Unless you’d like to revisit lunch, listen up longer guys and longer guy-lovers! Deep throating can induce vomiting, which unless you’re really into hardcore Japanese emetophilia (vomit fetish) porn, this isn’t going to be enjoyable for anyone involved.

While bile won’t actually dissolve a latex condom-- as evidence by drug smugglers passing them through their systems-- regurgitating is far from a sexy experience for most people. If you or your partner makes those tell-tale gagging sounds, take that as a red flag and ease up on the too-deep-thrusting. Otherwise there could be dry heaving and/or puking directly following that next gag.

Penises, Pringles and Pristine Pearly Whites


Additionally, it’s best NOT to brush your teeth, floss, use chewing tobacco or to eat foods that can cause microtears in your mouth, like tortilla chips or Peanut Butter Captain Crunch, either right before or directly after performing oral sex. Any pathway you open up into your bloodstream increases the risk of STD transmission, so avoid creating any around the time of oral, if possible.

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