Feds Spend $224,000 on Custom Fit Condoms

The National Institute of Health recently revealed that they paid a Georgia-based company $224,000 to come up with a better way to fit men with condoms.

The end result was a list of 95 custom-fit condom sizes, based on 95 combinations of lengths and girths. It’s not a true custom fit, of course, but for right now, it’s as close as you're likely to get.

But not everyone’s happy about the recent advances in condom tech. Many taxpayers are upset about their money going towards contraception, especially since the main point of the study revolved around dudes finding the right condom size.

But let’s look at the facts: the number one reason men don’t wear condoms is because they find them uncomfortable, and the number one reason men find condoms uncomfortable is because they’re wearing the wrong size. Condom Depot has known it for years, and offers a wider selection of condom sizes as well as a condom size chart to help point our customers to the best condoms to fit them.


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if men are comfortable using their condoms, they’re going to use them more often. And using them more often (and on top of that, using them correctly) will lead to a decrease in the rate of STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Part of the grant also went towards exploring options for a better anal condom, which, of course, has taxpayers even more riled up. Neither male nor female condoms are currently not FDA approved for anal sex, although female condoms have recently gained a positive reputation for anal. 

Whether having tailor-made condoms is a thing of the future or not, it can never hurt to be too safe. Private companies, like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, already know how important it is to have properly fitting, easy-to-use condoms are for the health and safety of consenting adults. This nod from the National Institute of Health could be a big deal in pushing folks to have safer sex.

[Source -  US Department of Health and Services]

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