Condoms: The Valentine's Gift That Keeps on Giving

Although buying condoms for your lover as a Valentine's gift may not be the first idea you come up with this year, condoms and condom accessories can certainly be the most pleasure inducing gift you can get for you and your partner.

Valentine's Day Condoms

While you may have your tried and true brand and type of condom, Valentine’s Day is all about exploring new worlds of possibilities with your partner.

Even though you may want to place an order for your regular condoms with us for the big holiday, we have so many other exciting options in the world of safer sex, just waiting to be discovered. Why not explore some new ways of having safe sex with your honey this Valentine's Day? The memories you make this year could last you a lifetime. Did somebody say, “Spank bank?”

In order to give you the very best recommendations for your Valentine’s Day gift ideas, here are some of our staff and customer favorites.

Our Valentine's Box of Love Is Sure To Please!

Valentine's Day Condom Sampler

If you are looking for a variety of ways to express your love (or lust) this Valentine's Day, we have just the thing. We have assembled a wide selection of our best condoms and condom accessories we've and put them all into one adorable little heart shaped box. No need for wrapping paper here, guys. This box is 100% gift ready. So this year, forget the teddy bear. Instead, get your partner the best gift of all- safe sex with their special someone!

Romantic Gift

If you are feeling a little strapped for cash, but you still want to spend Valentine's Day making love with your partner, simply take a picture of you and your Valentine and submit it to us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, with the hashtag #Condoms4Lovers.  You’ll be entered to win this Valentine’s Day Box, full of condoms, lube, and a Vibrating Johnny to share with your partner.  Don't miss out on your chance to win big this Valentine's Day with a free heart shaped box from Condom Depot. It makes a great gift, so enter now to win before time runs out! Do so, and your partner could be smiling all the way until St. Patrick's Day.

Be A Stud with Ribbed Condoms

Caution Wear Condoms

You know how you can't stop touching corduroy? Ribbed condoms provide a similar desire to keep on touching, due to their outstanding texture. If you have yet to try ribbed condoms, this holiday is the perfect time for you to do so. The ribbed quality of these condoms can bring out all sorts of stimulating sensations during your Valentine's day lovemaking session(s). We suggest trying the Durex Intense Sensation due to it's thinness and high level of lubrication.

Have you ever tried to stop touching the raised texture of bubble wrap? Studded condoms truly are the bubble wrap of sex products. Not only do they look interesting, studded condoms feel amazing and will give you and your partner the bumpiest and most thrilling ride of your lives. If you have ever used a studded toy, these studded condoms will provide a similar tactile feeling. Caution Wear 707 has a brand new item, called the Mission 707, which is the “studliest” of all of our studded condoms.

Caution Wear Condoms

If you can't decide whether ribbed or studded sounds more desirable for you and your lover, why not try both? We offer a Textured Variety Pack for just such a dilemma. Whew! These multi-textural condoms are sure to cause waves of excitement on this upcoming Valentine's Day!

Get Her a Ring

Metal Erection Rings

It's not the ring she was expecting, but this kind of ring will still provide plenty of excitement. If you are tired of looking at the same old condom, why not dress things up this year by adding an erection ring to your Valentine's Day condom ensemble? It'll keep him hard for longer and it'll make her happy since many erection rings are designed to rub against her most sensitive outer areas. Put on a Vibrating Johnny for a night you'll never forget!

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