The Best Condoms for Uncircumcised Penises

When you’re an uncircumcised man, condoms can be a little more complicated. Don't fret though, Condom Depot has rounded up the top 10 condoms and best practices for uncircumcised men.

For those of you who don’t know, circumcision is the surgical act of removing the foreskin from the penis. This can be done during infancy or it can be performed on adult males. In some societies, it is a right of passage into manhood.

However, statistics indicate only one third of the current world’s male population are circumcised. Whether you're an uncircumcised male or if you are likely to encounter a partner who has one, it is imperative to know the best ways to go about putting a condom onto an uncircumcised penis, in order to be as safe as possible.

As mentioned briefly in Condom Depot's article "The Essential Foreskin Guide," putting on a condom can be a bit comical and complicated when it comes to uncircumcised penises. Remember, personal lubricants are your friend when it comes to condoms. A drop on the inside will greatly assist you and your partner in the application process.

Condom Tips for the Uncircumcised Male:

  • While fully erect, pull back the foreskin so the head is fully exposed.
  • Use a condom-safe personal lubricant on the tip of the penis before condom application.
  • Pinch the tip of the condom to prevent an air bubble from forming.
  • Keep foreskin retracted from head while unrolling condom, to keep it from “slingshotting” off when the foreskin moves forward.
  • Remember to laugh and stay lighthearted if it takes a few tries.

Find the Best Condom Shape for Uncircumcised Penises

Another great way to enjoy protected sex with an is to use a condom with a larger tip or head. Generally, these condoms are labeled as extra head room condoms or contoured condoms and come in a variety of shapes, such as flared, baggy, or tapered

Because a lot of contoured condoms are specially designed for circumcised men, we suggest trying some of Condom Depot's favorite Contoured Condoms instead of spending money and taking a gamble on whether or not a condom will fit your uncircumcised penis.

Extra Head Room Condom Styles

Best Condoms for Uncircumcised Men - Uncut Penis

Best Condoms for an Uncircumcised Penis:

  1. ONE Pleasure Dome Condoms
  2. Kimono Maxx Large Flared Condoms
  3. L.A. Confidential Dark Desire Contoured Condoms
  4. Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy Condoms
  5. Durex Performax Intense Condoms
  6. Kimono MicroThin XL Condoms
  7. ONE Pleasure Plus Condoms
  8. Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms


ONE Pleasure Dome Condoms

Best Condom for uncircumcised penis - one pleasure dome


Kimono Maxx Large Flared Condoms


L.A. Confidential Dark Desire Contoured Condoms

Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy Condoms

Durex Performax Intense Condoms

Kimono MicroThin XL Condoms

ONE Pleasure Plus Condoms

Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms



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