Condoms 101: True/False Quiz

Uncertain about condoms? Don’t know the rudimentary facts about rubbers? Or are you secretly a seasoned condom aficionado? Find out how much you REALLY know about condoms by taking the Condom Depot Learning Center’s Condoms 101: True/False Quiz!




  • Write down your answers on some scrap paper or simply print the quiz out (I recommend using text only setting for printing) and circle either true or false.
  • The answer key is located at the very bottom of the quiz, below the score results.
  • Once you've completed the condom quiz and discovered your level of learning, follow the linked text on the questions you missed for detailed information and explanations.

Got a condom-related question we didn't cover? Ask us in our Ask a Safer Sexpert form and receive a private answer or check out our, "Top Five Condom Questions Answered!"

Quiz Questions:

  1. There are five types of condom materials approved by the FDA for protection, but one material allows the passage of STDs and STIs. True or False?
  2. Some condom brands, like Trojan, manufacture their condoms in America. True or False?
  3. Underage students and teenagers can legally buy condoms in the USA. True or False?
  4. Using condoms and dental (oral) dams during oral sex acts can protect against many types of cancers of the throat and genitals. True or False?
  5. When picking a condom size, the condom's length is far more important than the condom's girth (circumference). True or False?
  6. It’s impossible to know whether or not your condom is damaged, tampered with, or compromised. True or False?
  7. Silicone-lubricated condoms can be used for underwater sex and shower sex. True or False?
  8. When used as a barrier on sex toys, condoms can provide protection from phthalates, toxic toy materials, bacteria and STDs/STIs. True or False?
  9. In a survival situation, condoms can be used for water storage and to start a fire. True or False?
  10. Extra strength (thicker material) condoms provide more protection because they are less likely to break than sensitive condoms (thinner material). True or False?

Score Results:


Even if you’re a virgin, this test score is a wake up call that you need to learn more. A whole lot more. Without the proper condom know-how, you and any of your partners are at an increased risk of unplanned pregnancies as well as STD/STI transmission. We urge you to learn more before it’s too late! Our Safer Sex FAQ is fantastic and comprehensive resource for those who need a crash course on the vital core info about condoms.


OK, not bad. But, definitely not good either. The basic foundations of knowledge are in place, but you’ve still got a lot of brushing up to do when it comes to sex ed and condom use. Luckily for you, we've got over 900 articles for you get all the info you need to keep you and your partner(s) safe from unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STDs/STIs. They're available to you 24/7 on desktop or mobile, so check them out whenever and wherever!


Whoa, very nice work! High five! It’s obvious you know a lot more about condoms than the average person. We know this level of learning doesn’t happen overnight, so good job on being curious and dedicated to staying safer. This means you’re much more likely to avoid the not-so-pleasant side effects of unprotected sex, and feel more confident in your condom usage. 


Clearly, you are the grand master of safer sex information. Much respect. Go on, celebrate-- do a victory dance and strut around with your bad self! We know it takes time and dedication to achieve this level of condom knowledge, and we applaud you! Now that you have achieved this top rung score, pass the word along so you can help your friends score with those hotties without scoring STDs/STIs and unintentional pregnancies.

Answer Key:

Tally your number of correct answers to find out your current level of condom comprehension, then read the description of your score results to find out where you stand.

1. True 2. False 3. True 4. True 5. False 6. False 7. True 8. True 9. True 10. False

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