Condom Review: Trojan Magnum Thin

It can be difficult to find larger-sized condoms that have the same thinness as some of our favorite smaller condoms, but the Trojan Magnum Thin is a great answer to this long posed condomdrum.


My partner is a huge (heehee) fan of Magnums because while they’re not actually much longer than the average condom, they still give him that extra girth with their tapered fit.

His biggest complaint, of course, has always been that regular Magnums are too thick. This thickness translates to badly transferred warmth and comfort, which can take away some of the feeling of intimacy and can distract from his ability to feel all that’s going on down below.

The Magnum Thin has even a slightly larger girth than the normal Magnum. Just the difference of a fraction of a centimeter, but if you’ve always found the Magnum a little too tight, give the Thin a shot and see if that tiny, tiny bit is what makes the difference for you. It very well could be.

The extra thinness of the Magnum Thin made it easier for heat to be transferred between us. I don’t have the exact stats on how thick this latex is, but I’d put it (based on feeling) somewhere close to the Crown Skinless Skin. It’s not Okamoto’s .004, but it’s thinner than the average condom you’re going to find at the grocery store. And for larger penises, it’s going to be a better fit than the Crown.

Now, like most Trojans, these condoms have a slight latex stink to them. The taste was also not ideal, so for a little festive treat, we paired it with Swiss Navy’s Candy Cane flavored lube. Which might just be my new favorite lube. The strong peppermint scent really drove off the smell of the latex and made this condom tolerable for oral. Just make sure to switch condoms (and lube) if you’re going vaginal after oral. Said lube is glycerin-free, but it does have saccharin, which has been known to cause yeast infections on folks with vaginas in rare cases.

Remember, just because a condom is extra thin doesn’t mean it’s not still extra safe. Thick and thin condoms are held to the same exact standards as far as safety concerns by the FDA, and all of Condom Depot’s condoms have passed these tests with flying colors. Wearing the correct size and applying ample lubrication to condoms is far more important in preserving the latex’s integrity. Read more about condom testing.


Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

If you have to make the choice between the Magnum Thin and the regular Magnum, go for the Thin. The two are close enough in size where it shouldn’t be too big of an issue, and the Thin has the comfort that the Magnum should have had in the first place.

What Condom Depot Customers Are Saying

stars-5Best condom I have used. Very thin for a large guy and great lube. I will be using this for a LONG time. only problem is the tightness at the bottom :( red ring :( all in all I love this condom. NR - Nashville,TN

stars-4I like these ones way better then the other magnums, I'm not even big, but these fit way more comfortable then the average condom and plus you can tell there thinner. David - Los Angeles

stars-5Pounded through 36 of these and didn't break one. Not sure what others are doing...

The Bravo' and Kimono microthin were also very good but these seemed to be the best for me. Jimmyhat - Canada

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