Camping With Condoms

Camping with... huh? Why on Earth should condoms be on your list of camping supplies? Well, apart from having super awesome, super safe outdoor sex, condoms are a great survival tool.



Outdoor Boning

  • Make sure you're keeping your safety gear safe. Keep those condoms somewhere cool and dry. A wallet in the sun is a recipe for disaster. Instead, keep them stored somewhere in a backpack where they can't be ripped or squished, and somewhere that's going to be kept out of the sun.
  • If you're using these for survival purposes, non-lubricated condoms might work out better for you. If you don't want to pack both non-lubricated and lubricated condoms for sexy time, then make sure you bring plenty of lube! Hmm... I wonder, can Trustex's Aloe Lubricant be used on sunburns?
  • Clean up after yourself! Only lambskin condoms are biodegradable. But no one wants to stumble upon a used condom in the first place while they're out enjoying the beauty of nature.
  • Check out our articles on Safe Outdoor Sex as well as Safe Underwater Sex for more tips!

Survival Supplies

According to survival expert, Creek Stewart of Willow Haven Outdoor, condoms should be at the top of everyone's survival gear list.

  • Need something to transport freshwater? Condoms can not only hold a LOT more water than you'd think, but you can store that water a little easier than in a water bottle or other rigid container. Creek recommends storing the condom in a sock to prevent it from being (heehee) pricked.
  • While we're covering the elements, how about fire? When I was a kid, we stuffed lint into old egg crates to use as firestarters. Creek recommends stuffing a condom with bracket fungus or other tinder. Even better-- the condom will keep that tinder nice and dry. Move over, egg crates!
  • You can even use another condom to start your fire if you have no ignition source. What?! That's right. Fill a clear condom (like a Durex Love) full of water, then use it like a magnifying glass. 
  • We imagine if you can do the above, you may also be able to use the power of the water and sunlight to make a beacon. Talk about survival skills!
  • We actually learned about this use from you, our customers! We have a great number of pro-fishermen who use condoms as bobbers. They're stronger than balloons and they're made to last. It may sound fishy, but it's tried and true!
  • While lambskin condoms may be the only biodegradable condom on the market, they aren't very stretchy. So using them for the above purposes may not work out so well.
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