June 20, 2018

Why Should You Buy Condoms Online?

Why should you buy condoms online when you can just go down the street to your local pharmacy and pick some up?


There are some big plusses to ordering online versus picking up our products in your local store. It all comes down to three main factors-- cost, choice, and privacy.

Buying Condoms Online Vs In-Store: Cost

We buy our products direct from the manufacturer, so you know we’re cutting out the middle-man, which means lower prices for you. And these savings aren’t even lost in shipping because if you order over $25, our Parcel Post shipping is completely free! If you’re ordering less than that, it comes at the flat rate of $1.99. You’ll probably pay more in gas going to the store.

Buying Condoms Online Vs In-Store: Selection

While some pharmacies and grocery stores may just carry five or six different types of condoms from one or two brands, we carry over twenty different brands, and hundreds of different types. From the big names in the industry to those guys who you haven’t heard of-- we know you'll be able to find a new favorite brand.


You can even still find the remaining stock of some condoms that you can no longer find in stores, or that are no longer being made. As long as they aren’t expired, we’ll carry them until our stock runs out.

If the choices seem too overwhelming, our online store has an additional resource to help you make your selection-- our learning center! Not only can you learn about how to use a condom, how to prevent STDs, and the latest and greatest in condom news, but we also publish reviews for nearly all the condoms we carry, and make lists of the condoms that are best suited to your needs-- like our Best Condoms For Anal. And if we somehow don't have an answer to your question? Ask away! You can also contact us through Facebook, Twitter, or tumblr.

Buying Condoms Online Vs In-Store: Privacy

Some people find buying, well, anything that has to do with sex to be very, very embarrassing. While adult stores are transitioning from trucker stops to feminist havens in big cities in the US, that isn’t the case everywhere. And sometimes, you just don’t want your family pharmacist to know the size of your wang.


That’s where Condom Depot comes in. We respect your privacy and have made it the forefront of our business motto. While we do like plastering our name all over the MMA fighters we sponsor, we wouldn’t dream of doing so on your packages.

Each delivery from Condom Depot comes discreetly labeled-- from our main company, Go Live Inc. The same is true if you order anything from our sister site, SpicyGear. So it doesn’t matter if you’re ordering condoms, lubricants, or a sex swing, the postman won’t even be able to tell what you’re getting up to in your bedroom. Because that’s your business, and it’s the most important part of how we run our business.

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