Best Positions For Curved Penises

While cruising our Twitter page, I saw someone had posted something to the tune of, “Don’t tell me size doesn’t matter when there’s no three inch, curved vibrator.”




First of all, there are plenty of three inch vibrators, and plenty of curved vibrators out there. And if you think a curve is the biggest of your concerns, why not check out the reviews our sister site, gets for their ever-popular nJoy Pure Wand?

The problem is that these types of penises aren’t really represented well in porn, so any dude growing up with only porn to compare himself mind think he’s coming up, well, short.

Don’t get me wrong. Peyronie’s Disease is a very real thing-- if your penis is so curved that getting hard, having sex, and ejaculating is painful, it's time to see a doctor. But if it’s only a slight curvature that’s got you worried, don’t be afraid. It’s very common, and you can even use it to your advantage.

We trawled the internet for the best sex positions and tips for folks with curved penises and this is what we were able to find.

Best Sex Positions for Men with a Curved Penis

Doggy Style


This always comes as the number one recommended position for those with a curved penis. Why? Well, depending on the way the curve falls, this is great for hitting that ever-awesome G-spot. Don’t believe me? Then how come nearly every vibrator labeled for G-spot use is curved? Curved penis sporters, many women actually enjoy your supposed-defect far better than the supposedly-desired straight wangs. How ‘bout that? Doggy Style is a great position with even the straightest of penises, but the curve, in either direction, will add a new and exciting angle for poking. Add to it by wearing the Durex Intense, and you're both in for a wild night.

Reverse Cowgirl

If you can stand to have sex while not facing one another (being able to look your partner in the eyes can be a big turn-on), Reverse Cowgirl may be the perfect position for you. Have your partner guide themselves on to your penis while facing away from you. While you're getting a spectacular view of dat booty, they can either ride you, or you can bounce them up and down for an unreal experience. For some, it may take a lot of stamina to remain seated up there, but it's well worth it-- especially when the penis you're on is curved to hit all the right places.

Good Ol' Missionary


If your penis curves upwards, chances are, you don’t have to do anything special to send your partner to the stars. Missionary with a penis that curves upwards will be perfect for hitting the anterior wall of the vagina-- where the G-Spot is located in folks who have them. Who needs much more than that?

Isn’t it weird that the positions being recommended for curved penises are kind of your run-of-the-mill, normal sex positions? I think this says something. If you’re super self-conscious about being ahead of the curve, you don't have to be acrobatic to enjoy your time with your partner(s). Chances are, you're already providing them with enough pleasure to go around-- and a small boost in confidence can take you all the way.

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