Bad Odors Linked to Sexual Disgust

What’s the last thing any sexual educator or sexual rights crusader wants? Disgust in regards to sexual freedoms. So, how can this feeling of revulsion and offensiveness be diminished? A new scientific study suggests it’s through the use of pleasant or neutral odors.


Bad Odors Narrows Sexual Interest

This study entitled, “Disgust and the Politics of Sex,” was recently released in May 2014. It definitively proves that people instantly respond to bad odors in an unusual and formerly unprecedented manner.

The Study's Results:

In the experiment, foul scents directly caused sexual repulsion and the narrowing of sexual views. Intolerance is the enemy of sex positive individuals and groups and has been a stint in the side of political progress and social movements. This scientific study tracked physical and emotional responses of people who were exposed to foul stenches and then asked about their political stances on issues such as gay marriage.

Foul odors were associated with narrowing sexual views

Compared to the odorless control group, the participants showed a tremendous shift from supporting gay marriage to opposing gay marriage, simply when a bad smell was introduced prior to answering the survey. Does this indicate that a fragrant lilac potpourri should be scattered outside of voting booths in order to sway voters into being more lenient towards same sex marriage? Perhaps!

How Smell Affects Attraction

Now, anyone who has seen perfume, cologne or body spray ads knows that sex is the end goal and selling point for these aromatic products. Pheromones and musky odors from plants and animals are used to formulate the exact scents that amplify human sex drives and encourage mating. Not to mention the plethora of breath mint, oral care and gum commercials based upon the same premise. Lubes manufacturers are are jumping on board this sweet smelling ship as well, by making such crowd pleasing favorites such as Wet Fun Flavors Watermelon Lube and Doc Johnson's Cinnamon Scented Anal Lube.


On a more personal note, my own struggle with smell-based attraction has been waged during my many forays into the online dating realm. Without scent as a clue into hygiene, health and physical compatibility, I feel like I am in the overseas show “Dating in the Dark” only I am “Dating Without Whiffing.” Without my scent sense to rely on, all I can do is to turn my nose up at those who appeared to be my type, yet did do not pass the real life whiff test.

Body and breath odor are as unique and personal as a fingerprint, and I believe they are a good indicator of attraction or repugnance. As I’ve mentioned before in The Many Benefits of Mint, I prefer to incorporate light and fresh scents into sexual activities. Unfortunately, many latex condoms have a less than rain-kissed scent and are more likely to smell like dewy rubber.

Creating Positive Scent Associations

Since we now know that scent really is scientifically proven to open minds in regards to accepting others' sexual activities, and that it can expand ones' own morals to include all consensual and legal sex acts, doesn’t it make sense to want to use the best smelling protection that is available to you? A positive scent association may lead you to some of the least inhibited sex of your life.

Positive smell associations

That’s why we have nosed around our warehouse, looked over our staff Condom Reviews and compiled this full list of our 10 most nostril appealing condoms. Increase your odds of sexual satisfaction through the all mighty powerful sense of scent with these odor-iffic barriers! And, since some of them are flavored, luring your partners nose nearer to the source of the agreeable aroma may give you an increased chance for getting some safer oral goodness.

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