AIDS Healthcare Foundation Promotes International Condom Day

Celebrated annually on February 13th, so as to be in conjunction with Valentine’s Day, 2015's International Condom Day is being promoted worldwide today by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation through their Condoms are Cool campaign.


Campaign logo from AHF.


International Condom Day (not to be confused with Global Female Condom Day which is in September) has proved to be wildly successful in the last few years as a means of raising awareness thereby reducing the risks of unprotected sex. Originally invented in 2008 as the Love Condoms campaign, the 2015 festivities have taken on a much cooler slant, with the help of Planned Parenthood's contributions to this year's event website, such as:

Say the Danish word for condom 10 times fast: svangerskabsforebyggendemiddel.

Check out "Travel Condoms- Preparing for International Visits" to learn how to say the word condom in many other languages too!

This year’s oh-so-cool happenings include over 140 events in 32 countries worldwide. Events surrounding the holiday range from an Erotic Poetry Slam and free condom giveaway at USF in Tampa, Florida to a shopping mall flash mob in Vilnius, Lithuania complete with free HIV testing, were all created with the intention of provided safer sex education and increased condom usage.

The logic here is simple; with increased access to condoms and safer sex education there is a decreased likelihood of attendees facing the sexual side effects of unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STIs. 

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is the world’s largest AIDs organization and has outreach programs in 36 countries around the world, with global AHF clinics, pharmacies, mobile testing centers, domestic and global Wellness Centers, Out of the Closet thrift stores and free HIV testing. Additionally, they also distributed over 42 million condoms in 2014 alone and currently provide patient care for over 350,000 people with HIV/AIDs worldwide.


Image of this AHF HIV testing van in Miami is from

As a retail-and-wholesale-only condom distributor, we unfortunately don’t have any free condoms to give away for International Condom Day (due to our strict legal contracts with our condoms' manufacturers). We certainly would if we could!

Considering the recent condom shortages being experienced worldwide, our sympathies are with anyone overseas who wants to access to condoms yet can't find them in stock locally or afford them when they do. Although we can't donate condoms, Condom Depot does regularly ship out huge quantities of condoms to international destinations and we are happy to offer rock bottom retail prices on clearance condoms and bulk cases of condoms.

Or, you can bring them there yourself. In fact, it is not at all unusual for a customer to order hundreds or thousands of condoms to bring with them to another country who is experiencing a shortage of name brand condoms. This year I’ve personally taken orders for condoms which are being brought by travelers to Nicaragua, Mexico, Myanmar, Japan and Thailand.

Are you an established international business or nonprofit organization looking to import over $400 worth of FDA approved condoms? Check with customs for your local laws on condom importation for resale, like dual language label restrictions (i.e. condoms sold in Canada must have wrappers written in both French and English to be legal) then register at our wholesale purchasing site to receive business-to-business wholesale pricing lists and international shipping rates on bulk condoms.

Source: [AHF]

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