5 Ways for Men to Last Longer This Valentine’s Day

The internet is positively brimming over with classes and courses on overcoming premature ejaculation, but the fact of the matter is, there are ways for men to last longer in bed that don’t require a full length course, a DVD or candid advice from an adult film star.


This Valentine’s Day, express your devotion to her by significantly increasing the time you are intimate with her. All it takes is a little knowledge and some self control. Here are 5 easy ways for men to last longer in bed this Valentine’s Day:

1. Take A Break/ Breather

One of the easiest and most effective ways of prolonging the pleasure is to take a short break. Get a glass of water, have a little chat, rest in bed, change the music, cool off by a fan, incorporate a sensual massage (but don't use massage oil as a lubricant), splash water on your face...whatever kind of break you take, just make sure it is a pleasant and sensory filled one.

Whatever you do, don’t jump up and begin to scoop your cat’s litter box naked or decide to floss that week old popcorn out of your teeth while your partner is impatiently waiting for you. Keep the mood alive with sexy anticipation, but limit erogenous zone touching to a minimum during this little break in the action.

2. Pass Your Oral Exam

Generally speaking, most sexual partners are more than willing to receive a lengthy tongue lashing. In fact, an eager and thorough lapping is likely to be followed up by a genuine debt of gratitude. Of course, the continued use of a condom and a dental dam are essential for remaining safe during oral sex. Here's why.

Some people claim that receiving oral sex creates a time warp of sorts during which the passing of time seems slowed or irrelevant. Therefore, kindly administering a hearty dose of oral sex on your partner can be the best course of action when you are on the verge of having an orgasm. Learn some useful cunnilingus tips here and fellatio tips here.

3. Climax Control Condoms and Lubricants

Climax control condoms and lubricants are specially designed to help you last longer. They can be extremely useful tools in making your Valentine’s Day lovemaking experience an unforgettable one. For a more in-depth look into the inner workings, ingredients and functionality of climax control condoms and lubricants read a full breakdown of these helpful products here.

4. Incorporate Toys


When your brain starts shooting off the orgasm signal, men have approximately 7 seconds before ejaculation occurs. This is enough time to stop. Quickly grab a nearby adult toy and start going to town with it on your partner. This type of interaction removes your most sensitive organ from the equation, temporarily, but watching her writhe in a state of bliss will keep you rock hard and ready to go.

5. Alter Your Speed

Going slower is often the essential key to lasting longer in bed. Banging away like a jackhammer can be super tempting and can feel like a primal and natural release for men, but it doesn’t do much for the ladies. We don't want the second hand to rotate once and that's that. Let's get some minute hands up in here!

Slowing down and using gentle, shallow strokes can be extremely beneficial for a long lasting sex session. Additionally, it can be the perfect time for eye contact, breast and nipple play and clitoral stimulation. Paired with a slow pace, these actions will have her howling at the moon and begging for more, which he will be able to provide, since he restrained himself from firing away like a muscle car’s piston during a drag race.

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