China Anal Balm

China Anal Balm

By Nasstoys

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Anal sex just got better! Rub a little of this extra strong 10% benzocaine cream into your backdoor rosebud and wait a few seconds....the sweet cherry-flavored cream will lightly numb the anal area for the easiest backdoor adventuring ever! Oil-free and completely washable too!

- 10% Benzocaine Formula is the Strongest Over The Counter Formula of Benzocaine.
- Great Cherry Aroma And Flavor!
- Takes the sting out of anal sex

Will Not Damage Latex Condoms.


Q- What is the expected duration for the China Anal Balm's numbing effect? I just want to know if I should plan to reapply while I'm...doing my thing, with my girlfriend. Thanks.

A- Approximately 10-20 Minutes depending on how much is applied and how much is absorbed. I would recommend using a drop about the size of a penny on your partner's privates. Rub it in good and let it sit for 2-3 minutes before you get down and dirty.

Condom Depot supports being open and adventurous with your romantic partner. If you both want to try anal sex, but aren't fully comfortable with the idea, trying China Anal Balm may be the solution for you. We also recommend using enough silicone based personal lubricant to help keep everything working smoothly.

China Anal Balm Reviews

3 star rating (2 reviews) write a review
Big Rich - Baltimore, MD - 5 Stars

Felt great on my end...sorry'll be back to normal by month!

jenn R. - Baltimore MD - 1 Stars


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