Cake Snug Condoms

Cake Snug Condoms

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Cake Snug Condoms - Smaller Sized - Made using only all natural ingredients. Cake Condoms are Spermicide Free, Glycerin Free and Fragrance Free. Cake Condoms also contain no BPAs. 

Practice safe sex with Cake's top notch quality condoms. With three different sizes and textures, we're here to help you find your perfect fit today. Because a proper fitting condom is proven to be more effective, decreasing risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

• A smaller fit for your penis
• Reservoir tip for extra safety
• Thinner than standard latex condoms for ultra sensitivity
• Designed for a more natural feeling for you & your partner
• Made of premium quality latex
• Cake Condoms are designed to help reduce the risk of Pregnancy and STIs.
• Each condom is electronically tested to help ensure reliability

This is the Smallest sized Cake Condom

Cake Snug Fit Condom Stats:
• Up to 6.8 inches long, width 49mm
• Natural rubber latex
• Premium silicone lubricant
• Corn starch

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