Back to School Condom Sampler Jar

Back to School Condom Sampler Jar

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Any student arriving to a college campus should be prepared, but why settle for just a box of bland condoms from the gas station? We've got you covered with the Back to School Condom Sampler Jar. Choose the right condom for the right time, like a ONE Glow in the Dark, Trustex Extra Strength, or Crown Skinless Skin.

Make the rendezvous even tastier with a Fantasy Flavored condom, featuring an assortment of delicious flavors such as strawberry, banana, chocolate, mint, vanilla, and grape.

The Back to School Sampler Jar Includes
20 of the best back to school condoms, 3 individual-use lube foil packs, 1 Vibrating Johnny's Ring and 1 Lover's Power Bullet Massager. All for only $19.95!

What’s in the Back to School Sampler Jar:
2 - Atlas Colors
2 - Atlas Ultra-Lubed
2 - Atlas Ultra-Thin
2 - Fantasy Color
2 - ONE Glow in the Dark
2 - Trustex Extra Strength 
4 - Fantasy Flavor
4 - Crown Skinless Skin
3 - Individual-Use Lube Foil Packs
1 - Vibrating Johnny Ring
1 - Lover’s Vibrating Power Massager

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We reserve the right to change any condoms if one is not in stock.
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Back to School Condom Sampler Jar Reviews

5 star rating (1 reviews) write a review
dave arrow - - 5 Stars

Good intro into what’s available

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