Back to School Condom Sampler Jar

Back to School Condom Sampler Jar

By Condom Depot

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Any student arriving to a college campus should be prepared, but why settle for just a box of bland condoms from the gas station? We've got you covered with the Back to School Condom Sampler Jar. Choose the best condom for the right time, like a ONE Glow in the Dark, Trustex Extra Strength, or Crown Skinless Skin.

Make the rendezvous even tastier with a Fantasy Flavored condom, featuring an assortment of delicious flavors such as strawberry, banana, chocolate, mint, vanilla, and grape.

The Back to School Condom Sampler Jar Includes:
2 - Atlas Color Condoms
2 - Atlas Ultra-Lubed Condoms
2 - Atlas Ultra-Thin Condoms
2 - Fantasy Color Condoms
2 - ONE Glow in the Dark Condoms
2 - Trustex Extra Strength Condoms
4 - Fantasy or Trustex Flavored Condoms
4 - Crown Condoms
3 - Indiviual Use Lube Packets

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Back to School Condom Sampler Jar Reviews

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dave arrow - - 5 Stars

Good intro into what’s available

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