Anal Ese

Anal Ese

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The Anal Eze formula substantially reduces the initial discomfort of anal intercourse while its lubricating properties allow for ease of penetration. It works by slightly numbing the anal region in a similar way to Novocaine.

Many men also Anal Eze inside of condoms to help numb the penis and delay ejaculation. Not recommended for oral use as it will numb your mouth although it does have a fresh-tasting cherry flavor. Anal Eze is latex condom safe.

Active ingredient: Benzocaine.

1.5oz Tube

Will Not Damage Latex Condoms.

Anal Eze (sometimes misspelled as Anal Ease, Anal Ese, or Anal Eaze) is a product that has built a reputation over the years as the go-to anal numbing lubricant for couples who want to more easily facilitate anal sex. We however, recommend a few basic rules for using any anal lube products. Always remain relaxed, go slowly, and never go beyond what your partner is comfortable with.

Anal Ese Reviews

4.5 star rating (19 reviews) write a review
Natalie - Corpus Christi, TX - 3 Stars

This helps out alot. The only bad thing is your man's penis will go numb as he goes in and out.

Daphne - Analopia, MN - 4 Stars

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! This product has greatly increased my sexual pleasure. I will never use another lubricant for the purpose of anal sex again. I can only pray that someday they will make one that doesn't numb my mouth.

Stephanie - St. Charles - 5 Stars

This is a great item. Before i used it i would tense up and now since i have been using analese my muscles are more relaxed and i enjoy it a lot more. great stuff.



JB - Riverside, CA - 5 Stars

My lover is quiet well endowed at over 8" but I can use the analese and we can have fun for quite sometime before it starts wearing off.

Chris - Arizona - 5 Stars

I am around 9 inches and this is the best product I have ever used. My girlfriend was very nervous at first but gave it a try anyways and she loved it! I would recommend this to any guy out there for Anal sex, even those of us that are well endowed! Thanks condom depot! :)

jen - nyc - 1 Stars

i was specifically told by a sex educator at my college NEVER to use this stuff. discomfort is your body's way of signaling that you're doing something wrong or too fast, and numbing that natural signal is dangerous for obvious reasons. gradual, well-lubricated anal penetration, while it may be a sensation that takes some getting used to and may feel strange at first, should not hurt or you're doing it wrong! not to mention that if your butt is numb, his penis is numb which will make him take longer to come- and could further aggravate any possible tears in your rectum which you CANNOT FEEL. and honestly, what is the point of any sex you can barely feel?

dylan - portland,or - 4 Stars

It worked great! I am very well endowed at 11in. and i was able to get ball deep.

lester the melster - newton,IA - 4 Stars

My girl usually can't take in my whole goo bazook(12in.)... but with Analese I was able to get it all in while doing the spider monkey.

Nichole - Fresno CA - 5 Stars

My husband and me like to try new position and anal is just one of those things. So when we got anal ese it was amazing. Yeah u don't feel a lot but it last for quite awhile. I used to just go with the pain but now using anal ese ain't that bad either.I would so tell all my friends about it....

Billy - Portland - 5 Stars

Worked great.
Eased my whole penis in then thought what the hell. Put my whole hand in.
No problem.
Will use again.

Tony - Oregon - 5 Stars

It was hard for my girl to be able to take me. With anal ese she was able to even take it all

Chris - Baltimore - 5 Stars

I am 8" and this helped

Art - Albuquerque - 5 Stars

Im not very long "8 inches" but I'm as thick as a racquet ball, this stuff works great on my girl. Still have to go easy till she gets used to it, but we can now do any anal position we like.

Maria - Columbus, Ga - 5 Stars

I don't take pain very well at all, and honestly could probably take natural child birth again better than anal sex. But me and my husband bought this tonight, after a friend telling me about it, and I LOVED it! The penetration is super easy and I dont tense up. No pain whatsoever! I will definitely be buying this again and again!!:)

Mel - Louisiana - 5 Stars

Love this...helps my husband slide in just perfect and give me and him pleasure.

Bryon - Augusta, GA - 5 Stars

Excellent.....though I seem to find it works best as a base layer with a nice silicone based lube on top. MY PARTNER DEFINITELY "OPENS UP" quicker.

Jose Casas - - 4 Stars

It help out a lot it made anal sex better.

BtmFTM - Birmingham,AL - 5 Stars

Never even knew this existed until today lol It worked wonders. Took a about 5 mins to fully kick in&I felt no pain. You don't go completely numb like some people would think..this along with lube will open you right up. Definitely buying my own to keep at home lol

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