Wet Original Personal Lubricant

Wet Original has been a best selling formula for over 20 years due to its high quality ingredients such as vitamin E and aloe vera. Other reasons for its immense popularity are attributed to its gentleness and its colorless, odorless, paraben-free, non-staining and oil-free formula.

This is a classic water-based lubricant because it feels really great from the get go, and it continues to feel that way during the action. What sets it apart from other water-based lubes is its viscosity, which is more gel like than its thinner and runnier competitors.

Wet Original is condom compatible and is safe for use with all adult toys.

Glycerin, Water (Aqua), Carboxymethylcellulose, Pentylene Glycol, Potassium Sorbate

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Wet Original Personal Lubricant
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12 Reviews

John - USA

I don't know why this is the #1 seller, or all the rave reviews.
Its an OK product, but gets very sticky and thick quickly.
The bottle is also pretty useless because it will leak when you transport it or have it laying on its side.

Bert - California

Good for Masturbation, Bad for Sex

This stuff disappeared while having sex after a couple seconds. It just did not work and did not help stop irritation for my partner.

Now the stuff sits in my sock drawer and I use it for masturbation but it gets sticky very fast and you have to keep applying the stuff.

On a side note its the best masturbation lubricant I have ever used I can get off in 2 minutes with it.

T.S. - So. Cal.

This lube is great for sex, toys, condoms, male mastrubation and female mastrubation. I LOVE IT!! it comes in a large container so you have lots of lube! Feels silky smooth and makes me aroused just talking about it!!

Renee - Chicago, IL

Great for masturbation, toys, and sex. Doesn't dry up as quickly as many lubes too, long lasting lubrication. Although it's very sticky to me, that would be the only draw back..Not as silky as some.

Norm - Twain Harte

We have tried a dozen different lubes. This stuff is the "Rolls Royce" of lube!!!!!!!!!

T.L. - Utica, NY

Wet is the best lube ever!!!!!! That's exactly how you feel, wet. It's nice and slippery, not thick or oily. The best thing is how long it lasts, unlike KY, worst lube ever! And usually one of the better priced lubes out there. Try it!!!!!!

John - Philadelphia

An OK lube. I found it to be VERY thick and I prefer wet light since it has aloe in it and stays more slick and wet than wet original does.

Steve - Madison, WI

Junk! I couldn't believe that for the glowing reviews and the #1 selling status what this lube actually performed like. Doesn't last very long, gets very sticky, and simply doesn't perform.

brent - USA

Yeah its pretty weak stuff, abot 5-10 minutes it starts to get sticky and useless.

Wet platinum is the best

Joe - Tucson, AZ

Caused irritation for both myself and my wife.

Andrew - Minneapolis, MN

This lube is great for vaginal use, but because it's quite watery it doesn't hold up for anal play.

SS - Eugene, OR

Stuff doesn't last longer than 10 seconds. I used to like this lube, I don't know if they changed it or what, but the last bottle we bought, we've used maybe twice.


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