Vibrating Rabbit Keychain

The Rabbit Keychain Vibrator is an amazingly powerful vibrator considering its tiny size. Features the same ears as our Ultimate-Rabbit for fantastic clitoral stimulation. This handy little vibrator is attached to a key chain, and is so quiet you can use it anywhere.

Think of the advantages of a keychain vibrator, that follows you wherever your bring your keys. This portable rabbit style vibe is absolutely perfectreat for traveling or at work and makes an ideal gift for those who love vibrators - who doesn’t?

Batteries Included With This Keychain Vibrator!

This traveling keychain vibrator makes a great romantic couples gift. Inspired by the famous Rabbit vibrator, this miniature rabbit offers fantastic clitoral stimulation you wouldn't expect from such a portable device. Don't leave home with your keychain vibrator, and get it for less at Condom Depot!
Vibrating Rabbit Keychain
  • $9.99

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Vibrating Rabbit Keychain

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2 Reviews

Ella - Cleveland, Ohio

It isn't as powerful as I was expecting. It is definitely fun to use with a friend, but by itself it's more of a tease.

Emily - Seattle, Washington

A fun little toy while it lasted, but the batteries seemed to die almost instantly. (Also, it was difficult to keep turning it off when it was so insistent on turning itself on.) Also, not as powerful as I would've liked. But still, not bad for ten bucks.