Trustex Cola Flavored Condoms

Got a simultaneous hankering for some soda and some sex? Not a problem! No need to make a run to the convenience store. Simply combine your two unquenchable cravings into one glorious occasion with the Trustex Cola Flavored condom!

Incredibly, this Trustex condom tastes and smells just like your favorite pop, right from the fountain, without all the calories. This flavored latex condom has a reservoir tip and a sugar-free water-based lubricant which is ideal for both oral and vaginal use.

The debate over what to call everyone's favorite fizzy drink has raged on for years. At Condom Depot, we're very torn between calling these "soda flavored condoms" and "pop flavored condoms." Either way, these soda (pop) flavored condoms are a delicious way to shake up your romantic life. Trustex flavored condoms, like all of our flavored condoms are FDA approved to prevent pregnancy and STIs. If you're feeling adventurous, try out our Flavored Condom Sampler for a wide variety of flavors!
Trustex Cola Flavored Condoms

Condom Specs

  • Length: 8.12" or 206.24mm
  • Width: 2" or 50.8mm
  • Diameter: 1.27" or 32.26mm
  • Circumference: 4" or 101.6mm
  • Lubrication: Water Based
  • Material: Latex
  • Features: Cola Flavored

Condom Shape

Trustex Cola Flavored Condoms

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Trustex condoms are manufactured by Line One Labs, the same trusted makers of Fantasy and Impulse condoms. Trustex condoms offer many features including various exotic flavors, scents, textures and sizes.

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