Trojan Vibrating Multi-Speed Ring

Even if you have tried other rings, the Trojan vibrating pulse ring is worth a shot due to its four variable speeds. Allow your partner to select their desired sensation, or simply pick one out yourself.

The Trojan Vibrating Multi-Speed Ring can be worn with a condom or without.

Speed Settings
- Regular
- Extra Intense
- Pulse
- Intense Pulse

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Try a Trojan Multi-Speed Vibrating Ring for your next sexual encounter. Our Trojan pulse ring will stimulate you and your partner for an unforgettable time. Browse all of our stimulating toys to spice up your love life. Get free shipping on all orders over $25 with Condom Depot.
Trojan Vibrating Multi-Speed Ring

Condom Specs

  • Unstretched Diameter : 1.125”
  • Unstretched Circumference: 3.53”
  • Stretched Diameter: 2.55”
  • Stretched Circumference: 8"

Condom Shape

Trojan Vibrating Multi-Speed Ring

Condoms come in all shapes and sizes. This chart should help you to find the correct condom style.

Shape Info

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Trojan Condoms are America's #1 Condom Brand. Most of which are still made in the USA (Trojan Twisted Pleasure are not). Trojan condoms are electronically tested for reliability.

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