Trojan Pleasure Pack

Features an assortment of Trojan's most stimulating condoms to provide sensual excitement for both partners every time.

-Twisted Pleasure
-Her Sensation
-Intense Ribbed

Trojan has established itself as a trusted name in the condom industry. For over 90 years they have manufactured high-quality condoms for people who entrust Trojan to protect from pregnancy and STIs. Trojan Pleasure Pack is a selection of some of their most popular condoms. Each are electronically tested for integrity so you can enjoy them without worry.

Trojan Fire & Ice condoms are no longer included in this pack.

Trojan Pleasure Pack is one of the many condom sampler packs that we carry at Condom Depot. Why pay for only one style of condom when you can be more adventurous and try different condom styles and designs? Our World's Best Condom Tin or our massive 100 Condom Sampler are perfect to explore many options in your romantic encounters.
Trojan Pleasure Pack
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11 Reviews

R - Toronto, ON

Nothing special. They work, which is a redeeming quality. I was the most hyped to try the Twisted Pleasure and Warm Sensations, but there was no difference for the Twisted Pleasure, and neither of us felt the supposed "warm sensation".

I've read the reviews for Twisted Pleasure on this site, and it seems like you either hate it or you love it. So I guess it's worth a try - I'm glad I bought this so I know not to buy a 12 pack... I'm sticking to Durex (the Ultra Sensitive is a good one)

Nicholas - Tacoma, WA

My girlfriend came to visit and we had a good weekend trying out all the different condoms. We liked the twisted pleasure the best. Shared pleasure was ok, but definitely buying more of the twisted pleasure.

Perez - NY

This was a fun assortment. We had a good old time trying the different styles of condoms.

Chance - Calgary, Canada


In love - Orlando, Florida

My girlfriend and I loved these condoms! We really don't like condoms and have had bad experiences with them before, ie. breaking and loss of "closeness". However, these proved to be fun and exciting, each type in a different way. It will definitely be a fun night when you see that look on her face go, "oh wow." These condoms feel durable, last a long time (we used one for almost an hour and a half), won't rip and they still feel good.

JG - Nashville TN

I don't know if I got a bad pack or what, but 3 of these bad boys ripped while I was trying to put them on (2 mint tingles and a shared pleasure). The lube isn't to my particular liking in all of them. The only one I came close to enjoying was the twisted pleasure.

Picky - Berkeley, CA

Boyfriend and I tried these a few weeks ago and hated them because these just numbed him and felt plastic to me. Just as thick and unnatural-feeling as the other Trojans we've tried. Also dried out quickly and smelled bad. Durex Extra Sensitive is the best we've tried so far, although we'll be picking up some Crown Skinless and Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive to try them out.

Nick - Tacoma, WA

My girlfriend was in town, so I picked up this pack so we could try all of them out. The "Shared Pleasure" one was okay. We didn't really notice any "warm sensations," and they didn't really add or take away from the experience. "Intense Ribbed" got some positive feedback from her, but we both agree that the "Twisted Pleasure," were the best. I didn't feel restricted or that the sensation was numbed, and she really liked the way the twisted striations felt. We never made it to the "Her Pleasure," ones cause we just went and bought more of the "Twisted Pleasure." I'd say not to waste time with the sampler and just go right to the good stuff.

T&D - Jersey City, New Jersey

Twisted pleasure is the best one in the pack. Followed by her pleasure, shared pleasure and intense ribbed. My girlfriend hated intense ribbed, it didn't feel good for either of us. The shared pleasure was alright, nothing special. She loves her pleasure but the twisted pleasure is something else these made here have the best orgasms and she said that SHES going to buy ME a whole box of these. Definitely love them and going keep using them.

Stephanie - Los Angeles

I loved the twisted pleasure the most! They gave me multiple orgasms I say go on to that special condom!

Dreygonfleye - Colorado

The shared pleasure condoms work well but they piss me off. They ruined my nail polish they eat it right off and I just got them done! I think the her pleasure condoms did the same I can't remember so ladies don't touch 'em!

Trojan Condoms are America's #1 Condom Brand. Most of which are still made in the USA (Trojan Twisted Pleasure are not). Trojan condoms are electronically tested for reliability.

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