Trojan Magnum THIN Condoms

Need your Magnum fix but feeling a little restrained? These condoms are thinner than your average Magnum condom for increased sensitivity, but they’re still held to the same, safe, testing standards as normal condoms.

With a tapered base for a secure fit and an ultra smooth premium lubricant, who says you can’t still go thin when you’re extra-large?

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Trojan Magnum Thin condoms are just one of the premium Trojan condoms that we carry at Condom Depot. With so many different types, it's hard to choose just one. That's why we created the Trojan Condom Sampler pack. Try many different Trojan condoms and find out which is right for you. Alternatively, if you or your partner is on the bigger side, our selection of magnum condoms has many different condom brands to try that are just your size!
Trojan Magnum THIN Condoms

Condom Specs

  • Length: 8.5" or 215.9mm
  • Width: 2.25" or 57.15mm
  • Diameter: 1.43" or 36.32mm
  • Circumference: 4.5" or 114.3mm
  • Lubrication: Water Based
  • Material: Latex
  • Features: Thin

Condom Shape

Trojan Magnum THIN Condoms

Condoms come in all shapes and sizes. This chart should help you to find the correct condom style.

Shape Info

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41 Reviews

anonymous - dallas TX

good condoms, but feel no different than regular Trojan Magnums.

Sasha - New York, NY

Very bad condoms. Had 3 break on us, bad bad bad. Threw the rest out.

Pat - Chicago, IL

felt good and all but broke very first time.... although we did go for awhile so that could have caused it to break but it still broke

Mac - San Francisco

Width is pretty good/comfortable, but both times I've used this condom, the condom broke at the tip. I wasn't even thrusting that hard. I will not be using these again

Rob - Los Angeles,CA

This is the best condoms ive use.They are thin and you can feel it really great. I will use these forever. The best*****

Clara - San Diego, CA

We usually use Lifestyles. My boyfriend and I never used Trojans because of their high breakage rate, but we decided to just give it a go. They broke 3 out of the 4 times we used them. Needless to say, we are never using Trojans again. They really do have the highest breakage rates. Just spare yourself the hassle of finding a 24hr pharmacy on a Sunday night so that you can drop $54 on Plan B.

random - Washington, DC

when these work then its great! thin for A LOT more feeling over the regular magnums....

BUT these break way too easy. My GF will just go away if she see's me take one of these out good

Richie - Huntsville, AL

Best thin condom for a well endowed guy. A little tight at the base but great!

Adam - St. Pete, FL

We were having great sex, loved the sensitivity...and them boom...the condom broke. She is on birth control, and we tried it again, with not breakage, but giving it a 3 since we had that one episode of it breaking.

Kasey - Charleston, SC

Broke way too easily. Regular magnums seemed better than these.

Rich BLACKIII - Marietta,GA

These are the worst condoms ever. Two times I've used one, two times they broke. These things should be taken off the market !!!!

A - Los Angeles, CA

Don't rip, then again we use lube.

Str8Country - Kentucky

I was having problems with Trojan Ultra Thins leaving a red ring and feeling like it cut off the circulation. Me and my girlfriend switched to Magnum Thins and haven't looked back. I'm a little above average in size and these fit perfect and felt great!

Either the folks above are trying to shove a donkey into this condom or they are not doing something right.

NR - Nashville,TN

Best condom I have used. Very thin for a large guy and great lube. I will be using this for a LONG time. only problem is the tightness at the bottom :( red ring :( all in all I love this condom.

James - St. Marys, GA

These broke on the first try. I wouldn't recommend especially if you aren't using a backup contraception

Adam - West Palm Beach, FL

This is a step in the right direction. We would have been sold on these but the first one we tried broke after only a couple minutes...the top popped right off! Not good Trojan!!! I gave them a three out of five stars, just in case the condom broke because of something we did...but I don't think so! Love the new lube though and we were impressed until it broke!

Chris - H.B. California

Fits well, a bit tight at the base. They seem to tear easily. I might need to go back to the regular Magnums...

Rick A. - Tampa Bay, Flordia

Gnarley condom a little snug, but it was the best I've ever used.

Sheena - Orlando,Fl

It broke on the first time. I wouldn't recommend

marisa - chicago, IL

These condoms were not good for us because they would break to easily. Too thin is not necessarily best.

Suzanne - San Diego, CA

We had been using the Trojan Magnums for years so when we saw these new Thin ones we were so happy to try it out. The condom broke after the first use. The top broke right off. Seeing this is our only means of birth control, we are a little angry. I want to caution anyone who isn't looking to get pregnant, to think twice before using this condom.

Joe - New York, NY

They feel great, but they tear very easily. If I'm going to get her pregnant while wearing these, I may as well not wear them in the first place.

meg - upstate, ny

They seem pretty durable to me, but they're a little small for him. He still can't feel anything very well.

Ro - Alexandria, Va

I had a terrible experience with this condom. It exploded after about 10 minutes of relaxed stroking. The regular magnum never failed me like that.

KB - Washington, DC

I LOVE this condom!! Its not tight or restricting, but I trust that it will not come off. It is thin enough to get the full feeling. NO PROBLEMS AT ALL

Christie - Atlanta, GA

This condom is the greatest. I don't like the feel of condoms but with this condom it wasn't to tight for my partner and you can't tell that he has one on. I would recommend this condom.

Chiefy - Alabama

I think I might have to go up to the magnum xl's. I had about 3 of these pop on me so far. They are a bit tight so I'm thinking that's what the problem is. They do feel GREAT though. Way more feeling with these :)

Derek C - Novato, CA

They feel a lot better than their thicker counterparts but you pay for it in durability. Third one broke on me and my girlfriend causing a slight panic, they're fun but super risky.

PS Buy a Plan B chaser

David - Los Angeles

I like these ones way better then the other magnums, I'm not even big, but these fit way more comfortable then the average condom and plus you can tell there thinner.

AM - Texas

Great condom, I've still torn a few but other than that the lube is excellent, very smooth.Way better than the original if you like thin condoms.

Samantha - Sacramento, CA

These fit my boyfriend way better than regular condoms and feel better, too. The only downside is that he gets a ring around the base because the base is tight, but other than that these are great! Haven't had one break on us yet.

manuel - napa ca

Bad condom! Like a lot of the comments. The top seemed to tear off.. not good!

Raymond - Charlotte, NC

Terrible condom, the head literally bust open and we didnt notice til the end. Hopefully my gf isnt pregnant. F- do not risk it. Just stick with normal magnums or anything else...

Linda - Denver Colorado

My boyfriend and i used these 3 times, during only moderately extraneous sex. It broke every time. We couldn't see any reason this would have been our own fault.

Jimmyhat - Canada

Pounded through 36 of these and didn't break one. Not sure what others are doing...

The Bravo' and Kimono microthin were also very good but these seemed to be the best for me.


Saw these new magnum thin condoms. I could not wait to try them out. This condom worked great, I was really enjoying the new magnum thin. Till I finished, when I started to pull out, it broke... no wait the side exploded. I will not be using these magnum thin ever again.

Michael - Sacramento, CA

Broke on the first try. Couldn't feel the difference so I just ejaculated inside of my girlfriend without realizing the top of the condom just peeled back. Worst part about it is it was a holiday when we needed to buy Plan B and we couldn't find a pharmacy that was open. She ended up taking Plan B 36 hours after the deed. Hopefully she isn't pregnant. Never using these again.

panda - Detroit, Mi

A little thick but it didn't break and felt good.

silas - florence, alabama

My G/F and I have bought around 10 boxes of these so far. They are good condoms as far as feel and comfort. I do however have one huge issue, 2 condoms out of the last box busted. Seeing as this is our only form of birth control, this is not good. I think that other condom manufacturers need to make large condoms. So now we are stuck with the regular magnums until we can find another large thin condom. Just cause I have a large penis should not mean that i have limited options.. BULLSHIT!

Guy - WI

I felt nothing. Maybe it's the type of lube, or the base is too tight like others have mentioned. I didn't have any problem with it seeming too thin, but didn't stick with it for long.

estaban - sactown, ca

Been using these for years. Great feel. The tightness at the base is somewhat and comfort that there won't be any leakage or slippage. Never have had one tear or break...probably due making sure she's already good and naturally lubed.

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