Trojan Magnum Ecstasy

Love that extra-large head but need the length and strength of the Magnum?

America’s #1 condom has combined two of their most popular condoms into one! Trojan Magnum Ecstasy are the same Magnums you know and love, but with the addition of an extra-large head for more wiggle room and comfort.

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With Trojan Magnum Ecstasy condoms, there is no compromising between the pleasure features of the Trojan Ecstacy and the extra room for the big boys that the Trojan Magnum offers. All Trojan condoms that Condom Depot carries are fresh and ship for free on order of over $25!
Trojan Magnum Ecstasy

Condom Specs

  • Length: 8.12" or 206.24mm
  • Width: 2.12" or 53.8mm
  • Diameter: 1.35" or 34.29mm
  • Circumference: 4.24" or 107.9mm
  • Lubrication: Water-based, Warming and Tingling
  • Material: Latex
  • Features: Warming and Tingling

Condom Shape

Trojan Magnum Ecstasy

Condoms come in all shapes and sizes. This chart should help you to find the correct condom style.

Shape Info

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45 Reviews

J - Overland Park, Kansas

Even better than Trojan Magnum thin and Lifestyle Skyn, doesn't get better than this. More sensitivity all around, a little tight on the bottom but it stays fit.

rex - orlando,fl

it really does feel like you are not wearing a wife absolutely hates the feel of condoms...tried the magnum thin condoms and she would pull it off in the middle of our session, with these she kept riding and said I felt so good.....this condom is a winner in my book

James - San Deigo, CA

Hallelujah!!! This condom is amazing! I have tried them all and nothing comes close to this. You actually forget it's there... really, no BS.

john - meriden, connecticut

girlfriend loves these and so do i. def buy them

Mark - Charlottesville, VA

A Very good condom. Very good sensitivity and the shape gives it a very natural feeling. Very close to the "Real" thing. Especially for guys who need that extra size!

bill - denver, colorado

awful, felt like a garbage bag. had been using Magnums and Magnum Thins.

Christine W - SF Bay Area, CA

My husband and I just got this newest version of the Magnum Ecstasy condoms. The lubricant on it had a nice feel to it. The top of the condom had plenty of space. However, the base was really tight. My husband felt that this feature was very uncomfortable. Also, there is the issue of the rubber smell. This is something that can be distracting because of how strong the smell is. What woman wants to smell the condom in the passion of the moment? Not me. Overall, this condom rated poorly. It isn't the worst we've experienced, but is just a step above. We will not be using this condom again. For a larger condom, it had a very restrictive base and a strong smell. There are much better large condoms on the market.

Jon W. - PA

My wife and I agree: bareback is best, but these are among the best condoms. They do have a bit of an odor, but it's no stronger than most latex condoms. The lubricant is good, too, not too thick and reasonably long-lasting. The shape may not be for everyone, but the narrower base seems to keep the condom in place better, and the flared top is definitely more comfortable.
My only complaint is how difficult the Magnum version can be to find, but thankfully they're online, so we stock up.

Gdaddy - Diamond Bar, Ca

Okay this has to be the best Condom Out period!! I can feel My girl very well with these and believe me she can feel me to. I think everyone should give these a try its worth the extra money

Mr L - Birmingham AL

I give the Ecstacy, a 4 out of 5. Currently, it is the closest feeling you will get, next to the real thing. All magnums are tight on me but the natural feel takes up for that. My partner and I literally looked down maybe 30 times because we thought it popped or something. I suggest trying this if you haven't before. The other reviewer stated the smell was strong, I didn't have that problem at all.

Connie - Olympia,WA

I don't know what the last person who reviewed this was talking about. I thought this condom was quite breath taking. Literally. If you are very ready to get down and dirty, you wont worry about smell of the condom and the smells you create during sex will over power it. Plus, it might of been a bad condom itself. With my partner being quite large he told me right after that this was for sure his favorite condom.

am - linden nj

These condoms are just terrible. They are by no means thin, I felt like I was wearing industrial rubber not no special shape designed for pleasure. The head is OK but the bottom is so tight cuts of circulation, it is smaller than a regular large magnum. I and the girl were very disappointed with how small the condom was and how thick it was. Recommend a regular large magnum instead or something else.

Tony-Lt - South Carolina

This condom is the worst condom i ever used during intercourse. The smell is to strong and gets you out of the mood of making pleasure to your woman. I recommend not using these condoms - I'm 18 and I hate them. :(

David - Los Angeles

These condoms are a waste of time, they feel like you are using the thickest condom they ever made! There is no natural or ecstasy feeling about these, stick with the thin ones.

CM - Illinois

My boyfriend hated it, it has no reservoir and the semen just travels up. The lube is thick and hard to clean off. It's also hard to remove.

Mike - South Dakota

Definitely closest to the real thing. While it is thicker, its shape makes it feel less noticeable and although it is much tighter at the bottom, I found it useful to hold it in place.

Jasmine - Cincinnati,ohio

Me and my partner usually used the regular magnum condom. Traditional condoms "dry" me out during the process. We switched to this new brand and omg! We literally had to keep stopping just to make sure it was still there. We both love the new magnum ecstasy condoms and this will be the brand that we continue to use.

Bryan - Va Beach

Just like what's happened to a lot of other people the damn thing broke. How can a condom as bulky as a hefty bag break so damn easy? DO NOT use these unless you are into kids and AIDS.

Nick - Buffalo,New York

These condoms are great. Even my girlfriend agrees. It feels like nothing on. They fit great for wider guys. And they haven't broken once at all. They fit the shape of the guy and they are thin so you feel more of the girl. I recommend this to a guy who needs a wider fit condom but doesn't want to compromise on pleasure. These are well worth it!

Kevin H - North central PA

Fiancee and I tried these. They had good sensation but they were tight rolling on and at the base. Also, broke several. We won't buy these again.

jerry - des moines,iowa

The smell is not the best. I have used the magnum ecstasy twice and it busted down the sides both times thankfully it was before I came but I will not be using this condom again.

Danny - Covington Louisiana

This is by far the best condom I have ever used. I did a test with and without the Magnum Ecstasy and found that there was very little difference. My partner had the same experience. Also, this condom is very easy to put on which avoids that awkward moment when a man can lose his erection. We are much more likely to use this condom thus we are safer.

Sage - New Hampshire

Never before have I been so utterly infuriated at Trojan. TWO condoms of the same package broke. My lover and I are by no means new at this. I trust this brand, clearly I was mislead. I'll be using something else from now on.

Brent - Michigan

Terrible, even though they felt good. 3 out of the the 4 we tried the condom broke, and that's what condoms are supposed to be for.

Nathan - Baltimore Maryland

I've had two of these break. That just can't fly with a condom. I liked the feel of them, but they're the only trojan I have ever had break on me

john - New Hampshire

Just tried these for the first time with a new girl. Never had a problem with Trojan before. It broke on me. Nothing says awkward like a broken condom on the first time with someone. So she's off to get Plan B while I'm off to get a new set of condoms.

JR - New Orleans, LA

During one 2 condom session, I had one break plus experienced a loss of erection due to the tight fitting base which is weird for a magnum family of condoms.

Marc M - Richmond, ky

I like other magnums, I've tried every magnum out there and none had broken until I used this kind, there were no holes in it, it fit fine, but the damn thing broke, we had to get the morning after pill which set us back $52. First condom I ever broke, I don't recommend it to anyone who doesn't want kids. I will say it does feel like nothing cause when it broke it felt the same as when it was intact.

Anon - New York, New York

It really will feel like nothing's there -- first time we ever used one of these, it broke. Approach with caution...

Not so good. - Switch, ToDifferentOne

Good feel, but not-so-good fit, too much lube, stronger-than-normal latex smell, and doesn't seem to be for rough sex. Switch to more reliable alternatives.

Kevin - Austin, Texas

First one out of the box broke, and it looks like this has happened to a lot of reviewers. We will not be finishing the box or buying this product again.

Richard - Phoenix, AZ

Best condom my wife and I have tried. The extra room makes it feel almost like you're not wearing a condom. My wife seems to like it better too.

anonymous - MI

Although no breaks and general good characteristics, felt as if this condom was a "baggy" feeling overall. Also enough lubrication, in fact, almost too much.

Chuck - Richmond, Virginia

Of the 4 boxes I've used so far, one single condom has broken, compared to MANY Magnums and Magnum F&I. Keep in mind that there is a WIDER head than normal Magnums. Of course the wider head wont feel right for some guys. And yes, if your head isn't wide enough, a loose fit can cause rupture! So don't call it universally awful or weak just because it doesn't work for you. If you are extra wide but uniformly so, go with Trustex XL. If you are markedly wider at the head, then this is your best best. Unless you want to cope with the thickness of Magnum XL (which I would for the price difference) Overall, best feel I've had but it isn't for everybody. Feel 5, Durability 4, Price 3

Camilla Luis - Cicero, Illinois

Me and my boyfriend have been using the regular ones for two years and decided to try something new. Horrible idea. They broke, I took a morning after pill, and we were horrified. There's no reason these should be so flimsy and just plain useless. The rest of the box goes in the trash.

BSweet69 - Bellevue, WA

I do not like this condom. I'm female and a sex worker. Have tried number of times with different gents. It fits like a wet suit and I think it's thick and I don't like the feeling.

Deborah - Everet, WA

1. they are expensive
2. they are thick, husband said he had barely any sensation
3. they break!
4. they are very tight at the base, hard to get on/roll down
We will never again buy these. My husband is very large and regular size condoms break, so we thought we'd try these ones. And the very first time, it breaks just like the regular sized ones. So disappointing. And not only did it break, but husband said it felt horrible and thick.

James - Knoxville, Tn

it felt great, most condoms are too tight, and are uncomfortable, this one really had room and fit me very nice. I love Ecstasy

kat - harrisburg pa

Love it. With others it felt like I was being pinched on the sides. Lube is very nice. Feels very natural. Husband said it was more comfy for him as well!

Wave - Houston, Texas

The lube on these feels amazing, but with their unusual shape, the fit is just terrible. Gonna try out the regular Magnums since I need more room than standard, but definitely don't need these Hefty bags.

Waza - New York, NY

Don't like it. A little tight at the base. No reservoir. And the oily/sticky lubricant is a real nightmare.

Anon - Niles, Michigan

I have had a long issue with condoms. I disappointed girls in the past because for some reason i just couldn't keep it going in a regular condom. Even tried trojan bareskin and no luck. Then a friend recommended i try these. They changed my sex life with condoms forever. No longer do i feel choked or restrained. I actually feel everything like i'm practically bareback The only drawback is it is so natural it does feel like its coming off from time to time so just pay attention. Also the smell is a bit stronger but the feeling makes up for it. And also be careful that it will slip if your partner has really tight muscles towards orgasm, to where it actually grabs the condom off of you. As far as the people not feeling anything, while i am average length i am a little girthy and that was part of my problem with regular condoms. It looked like the condom was actually pulling back on my penis. This condom its comfortable and stays tight at the bottom to help with slippage. For the people who worry that it breaks,

Hot boi - Fresno Calif

Love the way it lets my foreskin move inside the condom without getting the rubber caught in the foreskin.

Brionna - Va

these condoms are terrible they are entirely too tight at the base which cuts off circulation. I was very displeased but and the latex seems rather thick

Marcus - North Chicago, IL

feels great but there's no reservoir so you so ejaculate gets spread all over your tool, and you're hoping it doesn't leak. Worst of all it broke, she went to go get a plan B and we're horrified. Thanks Trojan! This box goes in the trash, not buying trojans anymore.

Trojan Condoms are America's #1 Condom Brand. Most of which are still made in the USA (Trojan Twisted Pleasure are not). Trojan condoms are electronically tested for reliability.

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