Trojan Magnum Armour w/ Spermicide

Active Ingredients: Nonoxynol-9 (7%)

The Trojan Magnum Armor is no laughing matter. Just because you’ve got a little more love to give doesn’t mean you can’t still be extra safe. 

These premium-latex condoms are still the Magnums that you bigger fellas have grown to know and love, but with the added addition of spermicide for extra safety, as well as a tapered base to keep this condom on securely. 

So, don’t be afraid to don your Magnum Armour and ride into battle!

CONSUMER NOTE: the active ingredient in spermicide, Nonoxynol-9, can irritate the vaginal or anal lining. As such, these condoms are only recommended for use once a day or less if possible.

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Trojan Magnum Armour w/ Spermicide
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Condom Specs

  • Length: 8.5" or 215.9mm
  • Width: 2.12" or 53.8mm
  • Diameter: 1.35" or 34.29mm
  • Circumference: 4.24" or 107.9mm
  • Lubrication: Water-based, Spermicidal (Nonoxynol-9)
  • Material: Latex
  • Features: Spermicidal (Nonoxynol-9)

Condom Shape

Trojan Magnum Armour w/ Spermicide

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Trojan Condoms are America's #1 Condom Brand. Most of which are still made in the USA (Trojan Twisted Pleasure are not). Trojan condoms are electronically tested for reliability.

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