Trojan Her Pleasure Condoms

The, “Her,” in Her Pleasure comes from the addition of an extra-large head for heat-induced friction, as well as the ribs at the base for that little extra touch.

Made of premium latex and soaked in a water-based lube, these condoms are great for the women in your love life.

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Trojan Her Pleasure Condoms are just one of the many varieties of Trojan Condoms that we carry at Condom Depot. Not sure which Trojan is right for you and your partner? Try out our Trojan Condom sampler pack! Try more than one to find the right fit, texture, and lubricants that are right for you.

Trojan also has a number of textured condoms that are ribbed or studded for her pleasure. Shop our whole selection and save with our unbeatable prices!
Trojan Her Pleasure Condoms

Condom Specs

  • Length: 8.25" or 209.55mm
  • Width: 2.12" or 53.8mm
  • Diameter: 1.35" or 34.29mm
  • Circumference: 4.24" or 107.9mm
  • Lubrication: Water Based
  • Material: Latex
  • Special Features: Contoured shape, Ribs

Condom Shape

Trojan Her Pleasure Condoms

Condoms come in all shapes and sizes. This chart should help you to find the correct condom style.

Shape Info

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47 Reviews

Vanessa - Ottawa, ON

These condoms are alright, as far as anything Trojan can make. They're thin enough, and they feel nice. They're not the best, but if I run out of my favourites, I don't mind using these at all.

anthony - pa

i hated these condoms. the "roomy" head wasn't pleasing to either of us, and she couldn't even feel the ribs. also, the lubricant was messy, and they smelled horrible. the only positive thing i can say is that it covered my penis.

Alex - Colorado

Was great for both me and her

Jeff - Cumming, GA

I agree, the only thing this condom is good for is covering a penis, nothing more, nothing less. The "roomy" head is very irritating to my girlfriend's vagina due to friction.

Tom - Flint Mi

Me and my girl use the every time and they feel great i've never broke one, so you other people must not be big enough for em


after the first box i got use to them because at first i came within minutes now since the head is lose i last 20 minutes without a problem while giving my girlfriend 2 orgasms in one sitting.

Pros-She will always love these

Cons- It takes about a box it get it right since they feel so much different

Mercy - Ardmore Oklahoma

They are alright , I think they need to be improved by making the ribs higher , and moved further up the shaft.

Bob - hicktown,tennessee

these suck!!!!!i hate the headroom,the ribs were hardly noticable,and the lube was messy

Samantha - Austin, TX

These are HORRIBLE! They burned, and fell off.

Not worth the money :[

james - cincy

The extra headroom is nice if u have trouble with regular condoms making you feel constricted.

Stacey - Corunna, MI

These feel amazing to me! Once my finance puts it on and gets going, I orgasm almost instantly, followed by at least 10 after that. Maybe it's the condom or my guy is just a Sex God, but I like these a lot!

Amanda - Seattle, WA

These are brilliant! They are all my man and I buy. Got some in a sampler and are never going back. Hands down my favorite!

Jason - Wisconsin

I surprised my girlfriend with a box of these, but she said they didn't feel any different from most of the other ones we've tried, and if given a choice she'd rather have something else.

Trini - Baltimore

Definitely a good condom, not the best, but hands down a decent condom. She liked it, and I didn't have a problem. Personally, I did not feel the effect of the roomy head, but I guess it did the job.

Leslie - Tallahassee

These are alright. The only thing i really found wrong was that they burned, from the friction. Not very pleasurable but i did have one orgasm... Eh, I wouldn't buy them again.

Adrianna - Morehead, Ky

One of the best condoms my husband and I have ever used. I know the name is "her pleasure", but honestly, we both loved it!

nanda - boston, ma

great condoms feel good.
sounds like all the bad reviews are coming from guys whose dicks are just advice to those dudes are to go buy regular condoms. if you've got a big dick it'll be fine

Anonymous - Bloomington, IN

These were okay. Nothing special--it made me feel like I was burning a little on the inside, which I assume may be the heat induced friction? Really didn't give me any extra pleasure...which, considering the name, I'd assume they should have.

John - Denver, CO

My wife and I have been using condoms for the past 5 years and I think overall the Her Pleasure condoms work best for us. I had a vasectomy many years ago but about 5 years ago my wife got tired of dealing wet spots and leakage so she started requiring me to wear a condom or put simply her bedroom rule is “no condom = no sex no exceptions.” At first I was not happy about it but since she no longer has to deal with the messy side of sex our sex life is great. Since I knew I would be wearing condoms permanently, I tried many different kinds and finally settled on the Her Pleasures as they are comfortable and we have never had one break on us. If you are a long-term condom user I would recommend these.

Alison - New Jersey

I never had a problem with any other Trojan product before but this one irritated me. It also gave my husband a rash.

Nena - 92092

Overall this condoms are ok they wil do though my boyfriend wanted thinner ones and these did not cut it for us... i wanted him to experience pure euphoria though wih these condoms he was somewhat able to feel me on the inside... hopefully in the future these condoms are made much thinner :) either than that i have to give the her pleasure condoms a 3 for effectiveness and stimulation...

Anonymous Girl - Small Town, IA

These were the worst. I had a horrible reaction and it didnt do anything for me. There was too much friction and it was just irritating. Maybe there for small one time uses. Def do not recommend for a long session.

marilu - raleigh, nc

Felt really good to both of us but they stink.

Jake - California

Personally, I had no problems with them. My girlfriend hated them though. She said the design made it somewhat painful for her, and the lube was extremely messy. The ribs also don't make much of a difference than regular condoms. Nothing special.

Michael - Houston

These condoms are by far the worst for sensation I have ever had, couldn't feel much to start and after about 2 minutes couldn't feel anything period. For the girl its probably awesome as the squeeze on my base made my shaft pretty wide.

Couldn't pop ever after an hour with these and gave up.

John - Fontana, CA

Nothing Special. A bit big for me. She didn't really care much for them. The head width is too big for me on these. I prefer the ultra ribbed instead. Better fitting for me and she enjoyed those much more.

Ashlea - Atlanta, GA

Usually I don't really like Trojans, but this one is at least okay. They are thick and have a high latex smell, but they feel better than most Trojans to me.

Jessica - New York

I tested out many different styles and brands and this by far gave me the most stimulation! I won't use anything else :)

Matthew - South Carolina

Regular size condoms are too tight on my penis, while magnums are just a tiny bit too big. These are perfect for guys who need just a little more room. Most comfortable condom I've worn.

Ace - Livingston, IL

Excellent condoms, extremely thin and unobtrusive, minimal insensitivity, and received very rapidly.

barb - ny

They smell gross.

Colton - Phoenix, AZ

Tried these out after doing a sample of both Trojan and Durex brands.
Didn't really like this condom - felt like I was wearing a balloon. The extra head room was just annoying. Don't think the lady noticed though.

Eyene - Riverside,CA

This condom is amazing:) Me And the hubby tried a combo box of Trojan out of all the condoms this is the best one. Aside from the ugly odor of latex this condom is by far the best.

Katja - London

My fiancee and I love these. He finds most condoms a little bit too small, and these are the perfect size. Very nice!

Chey - Boston, MA

These are my favs on average guys. It works in all types of positions. Some bagging when pulling out or going in between positions. The lubrication is a bit much, but that could just be because I don't usually require much lubrication and I find, most condoms are over lubed. But I enjoy them.

Spencer - CA

A good condom for virgin couples. I made a great first impression with these.

Steve - New York

Most condoms were too small for me when it came to thickness, these condoms fit perfectly.

Shayla - WV

This was the first time my husband and I used a condom, and we chose these for the first time. GREAT. They're thin, and they feel great for both me and my husband. :)

Jodie - Denver, Colorado

They we good, but not the best. My boyfriend and I are not really trojan fans but these worked. They were somewhat painful for me, but the extra head room gave him more comfort.

Moe - Moeville, MO

These condoms work great for me, felt like wasn't wearing anything at all. Love the enlarged headroom since I'm not circumcised.

Evan - Dallas

My girl liked them but she much prefers the Durex Max Pleasure and I do too. These condoms felt too thick and I couldn't feel a thing.

Mark N - PA

Me and my girlfriend love these. I liked the extra headroom. These are very reliable too.

Cliff - Somerset, NJ

I did not like these condoms. The roomy head did not feel good for my girlfriend and I. We both didn't like the smell, and the ribs didn't make a big difference.

Mandy - Tulsa, OK

These were ok. I didn't feel any extra sensations and my boyfriend was not too into the smell of these. But, he said they were pretty comfortable for him.

Ally - PA

They were ok. Didnt feel different than normal condoms. Broke after a while.

John - Boise, Idaho

They're called "her pleasure" but the only 2 things that I can think of that were good - the extra head room was nice and it covered my penis. Other than that, horrible. They aren't good for my girlfriend they've been notoriously dry for us. We've been using them for about 2 months and tonight we went through a whole box in 10 minutes because each of them dried up so quickly. Neither of us orgasmed. Never again am I using these. Save yourself the time and don't buy them.

Andrew - Small town USA

Worked pretty decent for me, it is a little tight around my penis but she enjoys it and where its was a little tight I could feel her pretty well.

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